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The Titan! A Triptych of Time Transformers! A Trinity of Time Tailors! A Troika of Time Tools!
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Red Witch Titan Analog Delay Pedal

The Red Witch Titan Delay is the pedal you have been looking for. Titan Delay is not your typical effect, for starters it has three independent delays in a single pedal. You can blend and mix these delays together to create entirely new delay sounds. There is also a built-in modulation loop that allows you to add another effect pedal to the first delay. Add a touch of chorus, tremolo, or whatever you like, to give the first delay color and vibe. Red Witch's Titan Delay gives you an entirely new palette to paint your musical inspirations with.

Three completely independent delays

Not one, not two, but three independent delays are built into the Red Witch Titan Delay. You can create and sculpt cool delay textures by mixing the delay times and signal strength. When you combine three analog-voiced 800 millisecond delays, you can conjure some unique and interesting sounds. Yes, you can use it as a single delay if you want, but who wants a normal delay? Call Sweetwater and add a Titan Delay to your rig!

Add other effects via the modulation loop

The Red Witch Titan Delay features a modulation loop on the first delay in the pedal. Thanks to this loop, you can sculpt entirely new tone by adding chorus, tremolo, distortion, or whatever you want, to the initial delay. The other delays won't be affected, only the first one. This is a cool way to create entirely new tones and textures. The only limit to the Red Witch Titan Delay is your imagination.

Create your own sound

With three separate and blendable delays you can create an array of unique and original delay sounds. Simply set up the first delay as your main and add the others for color and to create textures. You can run the delays in series or parallel to further sculpt original delays. From funky syncopated rhythms to other-worldy sounds, the Red Witch Titan Delay is a cool creation tool. 

Red Witch Titan Analog Delay Pedal Features :

• Three 800ms delays in a single delay pedal

• Add other effect via the modulation loop

• Each delay has its own mix control

• Create cool textures and rhythmic variations by mixing the three delays together

• Dela controls

• Feedback controls

• Mix controls

 Toggle switch

Red Witch Titan Analog Delay Pedal Specifications :

• Type Delay

• Inputs 1 x Instrument

• Outputs 1 x 1/4"

• Power Supply Included No

• Batteries 1 x 9V


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