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Korg Minilogue 4 voice analog synth LE Polished Gray

Korg Minilogue XD Module

4-voice Analog/Digital Synthesizer Module with 2 VCOs per Voice, Digital Multi-engine, Effects, 16-step Polyphonic Sequencer, 4 Voice Modes, CV/Gate inputs, MIDI/Sync I/O.
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Expand Your Synth Setup with the minilogue XD Module

The Korg minilogue XD module is the desktop module version of the company's acclaimed minilogue XD keyboard synth. A 4-voice synth with two analog VCOs plus a customizable digital Multi Engine and built-in stereo digital effects, the minilogue XD module is equipped with the exact same control set as the keyboard-equipped version. The minilogue XD module features a Poly Chain function that lets you connect it with another minilogue XD keyboard or XD module so that the two units can operate as a polysynth with a total of up to eight voices. Korg's building-block approach makes a lot of sense: it's not only a simple way to add a sound module to your studio DAW setup, but it also makes it easy to include a polyphonic analog synth in your onstage rig.


Analog synth circuit plus digital Multi Engine

The voice structure of the minilogue XD module starts with two VCOs plus a Multi Engine; the signal path continues with a VCF, two envelope generators, an LFO, and a VCA. In addition to the unique circuits found in the series, such as waveshaping to shape the oscillator overtones and a Sync/Ring switch, there's also cross modulation, a 2-pole filter that can be both fat and incisive, and a Drive switch that adds girth and drives signal into the minilogue XD's filter. Korg hand-tuned every parameter in detail based on what modern musicians want from a synth. From warm pads to fat basses and crisp lead sounds, the minilogue XD module covers every scenario.

Hybrid sound design capabilities

The minilogue XD module offers additional sound design possibilities courtesy of its digital Multi Engine — effectively the third oscillator that complements the two analog VCOs. This engine, which is equipped with three different types of sound generator (noise, VPM, and open-source user oscillators), lets you leverage a sonic character that's distinctly different from analog and use it at the same time as the analog engine, greatly expanding XD module's potential through hybrid sound design.

Studio-grade digital effects

The minilogue XD's studio-grade digital effects engine uses 32-bit floating-point DSP processing, putting the finishing touch on what is a deep and powerful sound design platform. The three effect types (modulation effects, reverb, and delay) can be used simultaneously, letting you select from a broad range of variations that include chorus, ensemble, warm tape delay, and a versatile range of great-sounding reverb types. The user effect slots let you load in your own effects programs that you've created.

  • Korg Gadget Le (music production studio DAW app)
  • Korg Module Le (piano/keyboard sound module app)
  • Software for Mac/Windows:
  • Korg Collection - M1 Le (synthesizer sound module)
  • UVI Digital Synsations (synthesizer sound module)
  • AAS Ultra Analog Session (synthesizer sound module)
  • AAS Strum Session (acoustic guitar sound module)
  • AAS Lounge Lizard Session (electric piano sound module)
  • Propellerhead Reason Lite (DAW music production software)
  • Skoove free 3-month trial of Skoove Premium (online piano lesson)
  • Korg Gadget Le for Mac (DAW music production software)
  • iZotope Ozone Elements (audio mastering plug-in software)

Korg minilogue XD Module Features:

  • 4-voice hybrid analog/digital synthesizer module
  • 2 VCOs plus digital Multi Engine
  • Studio-grade digital effects: modulation effects, reverb, and delay
  • 16-step motion sequencer with Keyboard mode
  • Micro tuning; Portamento knob
  • Voice Mode Depth, Tempo knobs
  • Joystick modifies different parameters for each program
  • Poly Chain function lets 2 minilogue XD units play as an 8-voice polyphonic synth
  • CV/Gate, Damper pedal inputs
  • 1/4" stereo out, headphone jacks
  • USB-to-host
  • Included software bundle

Tech Specs

  • Type:Desktop Synthesizer
  • Analog/Digital:Hybrid
  • Pads:16 x Step Buttons, Keyboard Mode
  • Other Controllers:Joystick
  • Polyphony:4 Notes
  • Presets:500 Voices (200 factory, 300 user)
  • Oscillators:2 x Analog VCO (sawtooth, triangle, square), 1 x Digital (noise, vpm, user)
  • Envelope Generator:1 x AMP EG (ADSR), 1 x EG (attack, decay, EG int, target)
  • LFO:1 x LFO (sawtooth, triangle, square), BPM, Normal, 1-shot
  • Filter:Sharp Two-pole
  • Effects Types:Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Ensemble
  • Arpeggiator:4-voice with Latch mode
  • Sequencer:16-step Polyphonic Sequencer, Motion Sequence, Realtime Recording
  • MIDI I/O:In/Out
  • Other I/O:2 x CV in, Sync in, Sync out
  • Pedal Inputs:1 x 1/4" (damper)
  • USB:1 x Type B
  • Software:Minilogue Librarian Software
  • Power Supply:9V DC power supply (included)
  • Height:3.35"
  • Width:19.69"
  • Depth:7.05
  • Weight:5.73 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:MINILOGUEXDM
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