Over the years and in recent times we have seen some piano companies spring up making loud extravagant claims only to fade away and disappear or sometimes collapse spectacularly.  This can cause significant financial loss to unfortunate New Zealanders.  We honour our obligations and do what we say we will.  What use is a guarantee if the company doesn't survive?


We also note a trend where some traders are selling pianos of dubious quality from their homes.  We have heard of some who have shut up shop virtually overnight and vanished leaving customers up in the air!  And, with meaningless guarantees.


We want to make purchasing a piano an easy, pleasant experience and take away any confusion, by offering our customers the best advice from our team of experienced staff, best value product, and New Zealand's best Piano Guarantee.


New Zealand's best Piano Guarantee from a strong established company.


Our new pianos are guaranteed for 12 years, and used pianos are guaranteed for 5 years.  This guarantee covers internal workings including parts and labour. 


Please note: This guarantee does excludes normal wear and tear, or any issues due to misuse, extreme heat, or humidity.   Your piano must be tuned at least once every 12 months by one of our approved tuners.