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Electro Harmonix 8 Step Program Sequencer

An analog sequencer that connects to other devices to take you to tweaker's paradise.
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Electro-Harmonix 8-Step Program Sequence

Attention freaks and geeks, this baby connects to another device and delivers sequencer control over parameters that respond to expression pedals or CV generators like oscillators, filters, delay parameters, you name it.

The Electro-Harmonix 8-Step Program CV/expression voltage sequencer is a unique pedal that's perfect for tweaky guitar rigs and analog synth setups alike. Eight programmable steps, each of which has its own value slider, control the 8-Step Program's single CV/Expression output, and a plethora of tempo divide modes and sequence direction options let you create fun and crazy effects. Set the 8-Step Program's tempo with either tap tempo or MIDI clock sync, and save up to 10 presets for a full show's worth of modulation styles. Prepare to get tweaky with your Electro-Harmonix 8-Step Program pedal!

Set your tempo with the Rate slider or Tap Tempo footswitch, or sync to a drum machine via MIDI clock. Five Tap Tempo Divide modes provide rhythmic diversity. This thing is a tweaker’s delight!

Electro-Harmonix 8-Step Program CV/Expression Sequencer Features :

• 8-step sequencer that outputs CV or expression pedal voltage for controlling analog equipment

• 8 programmable steps with independent value sliders control a single CV/Expression output

• Mode knob gives you conrol over glide time, direction, sequencer length, and depth

• Control timing with tap tempo or MIDI clock sync

• Store and recall up to 10 user settings (100 with the optional 8-step Program Foot Controller)

Electro-Harmonix 8-Step Program Quick Specs :

• Four sequence direction modes: Forward, Reverse, Bounce and Random

• Rotary encoder gives you control over glide rate, direction, sequencer length and depth

• Save, store and recall 10 presets. The optional 8 Step Program Foot Controller expands that to 100 presets!

• 9Volt power supply included


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