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I have only just got into playing the guitar this year and have been to a number of different music stores in that time.

The one store I go to all most on a weekly basis is your Queen Street store. This isn't because of product range or good prices though the store is good at both of those. It is the clerks Tyler, Darin and Allan. They know me by name, which guitars I own. Amazingly friendly and have a wealth of knowledge which they freely share. I feel very comfortable buying gear off them as their knowledge base is so good and I trust them not to steer me wrong, especially when they say "I own the same one just in a different colour."

The only problem is I often go there during my work lunch breaks and almost always spend too long talking guitars, gears and music with them and of course the odd demo of a product. When leaving the store today Allan told me "Make sure you get your John Lennon out and play some Cat Stevens on it." as I have been neglecting my Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E.

These three clerks are so dedicated at their jobs it is unbelievable. Sorry I am missing one clerk out of this praise letter, I think he maybe a part-timer or rotates between stores young guy and is a Bass player with long hair and always has a smile on his face. Comparing this store to others of your competitors well they aren't anywhere in the same league. I have only come across one clerk out of about 30 that was any where close to the Music Planet standard.

Music Planet for life

Neil Briscoe


Hi there Riley,

sorry for the delayed notice of guitar arrival! Well, what can we say, the guitar is nearly as good as the service, and the guitar is amazing. We talked about "diminishing returns for expensive guitars, well this

one proves the point. My wife's comment was that it sounded like a 12 string, I thought it was nicely finished with a great natural vibrant sound much larger than the body size would suggest (ThunderFlex bracing) really works..

It has a lovely balance with equally bright bass and treble sounds with a great mid, so unusual for a $400.00 guitar. The tone is very willing and easy on the ear.

Thank you so much for this guitar and the service, really the best I think we have ever had.

We found the following excellent link and hoped it would be like this, AND IT WAS!! :)

Thank you again, for the deal that was all about your great service ethos and not about what we as customers might have expected or deserved,

warm regards

Neil & Joanna Johnston

"I would like to thank Riley for the huge amount of help he was to me while I was guitar shopping. Knowing little to nothing about guitars Riley helped me pick a fantastic one for my partners birthday.

I was really feeling the pressure as I needed the guitar within 48hours... To my suprise it arrived the very next morning!

Excellent customer service!

I have a very happy birthday boy :)

Thanks again!"

Ema Ziolkowski


"Hello everyone at Music Planet,

Just a quick message to let you know that I have received all of my order now - the second package arrived safely, yesterday. I am very happy with everything - and am looking forward to stringing up my guitar soon, with the new strings!

Thank you so much for your very helpful advice and updates, and for your really prompt and excellent service. I will certainly be shopping with you again, just as soon as I need something else from you.

Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend."

Jenni Cozens

"Music Planet have to the best chain of stores in NZ. Great products, really honest and helpful experienced staff and they always treat my guitar/bass & drum students with respect and kindness."

Heath Watson
Musician / Itinerant Tutor

"I would just like to make mention that Paul has been very helpful and professional. 

Nothing is ever a problem and I will go to your Queen Street Shop whenever I need something for my music."

Glen Jowitt


"We have just finished our first album and the only credit we gave was to Rick from North Shore Music Planet.

Thanks for all your help, support and advice, other stores just do not want to engage their customers and help them, thanks for everything."


Black Light Configuration


"Dear Pete,

I want to pass on some feedback to you on a purchase I made yesterday of a Guild Orchestra Guitar.

I have been looking for a while to find a nice guitar to replace my beloved 30 year old workhorse Fender acoustic. I arrived near to closing time at your shop and Tod was helpful in letting me try a few out very quickly.

Even though it was then 6pm Tod stayed around and helped me narrow my search for what I wanted even though I wasn't necessarily going to make a purchase there and then.

I was taken by the Guild even though I'd tried the Martin's too, and it plays like a dream for my style.

We did the deal and I went away a happy punter with a cool guitar.

I want you to note that I really appreciated Tod staying on late to deal with me. I also want to say that having entered another guitar shop several times this week that shall remain nameless, I was looked at with derision by the staff there, i.e. it was midday, I was in a suit and I didn't get their attention, indeed comments like 'your back again!'. In fact they were crap and I had my eye on a entry/mid Martin there, but honestly didn't want to give a sale to a shop muso who seemed to be unable to get past the suit and lacked general good sales skills.

I tried MusicPlanet as a – let's check as a last resort'.

In contrast, Tod was totally friendly and I bought the guitar because it was eventually the right one for me (even over the Martin), but I think it tells that your treatment of customers, whatever their size, shape or texture is paramount.

Make sure you pass on my appreciation to Tod – make sure your whole team knows that the suit who walks in not looking like a muso doesn't wear a suit on the weekend, and positive treatment of anyone who comes in your door will continue to make your good sales.

Well done!!


Neil Fitzpatrick


"This is the first time I've written a customer testimonial and I offered to do it for the guys at Music Planet because I was so impressed by their customer service that I felt it was my duty.

I primarily dealt with Guy and Reuben. They were both friendly and welcoming and did not mind me coming in over the course of a month and asking to play various guitars over and over.When I had found the one I wanted they offered me such a good deal on it that it instantly blew all the other stores' prices out of the water.

I was able to discuss the guitar with them in depth and all the various things relating to it (e.g. what kind of pickup system to install in it) and was very pleased with my purchase."

Chi Hsu


"Hi Darren, Bass received in fantastic condition. Plays like a dream!

Very happy with service provided! Thanks’ so much for everything. I will definitely be shopping with you again.

Cheers Mate"


"I have purchased several items through the Music Planet web site and have been amazed at the service I have received. Delivery has been timely and the items arrived well packed and in good condition. Unlike some other companies Music Planet has always responded quickly to my questions and provided excellent information and advice. Many Thanks. "

Darryl Kirk

"The staff at Music Planet were extremely helpful. When the product I was after was unavailable they found an alternative and at an unbeatable price. Great service, superb customer focus, highly recommended!"

Andrew Klinkhamer

"Thanks for the amazing service - the headphones arrived the day after I made payment, which was amazing service - Cheers."

Dany Wu Christchurch

"Hey Riley,

Thanks alot for this awesome new amp!
Never been so happy with the professionalism and great service that I received from you guys at Music Planet! My amp got here in two business days just as you said and it was in pristine condition. Will gladly recommend you to everyone I know. You guys are well informed about all of your products and won't hesitate to help if there are any questions or enquiries. Music Planet has friendly and helpful attitudes that will make any customer want to come back. I will in confidence purchase any future musical equipment through Music Planet as you guys have been very helpful.
Kind Regards"


"Thanks MUSIC PLANET for quick and accurate service, my rare missing Korg option was sent to me from New Zealand to Canada as if it was neighbour and in perfect condition to top off!

No confusion, no mistake or no excuses, just the right things, working, and fast, what else can you ask for?

Way to go MUSIC PLANET!"

Luke Water

"Since our first purchase at Christchurch Music Planet we have been repeat customers, our son has purchased two new electric guitars (An Epiphone and a Gibson, both sourced especially from the overseas distributor with his first Gibson arriving just before Christmas 2010, perfect timing) and we have purchased two new amps (bass amp for our daughter and a valve practice amp) plus pedals etc. The whole team, including Riley in Auckland have been excellent from day one, all set ups and maintenance we leave to these guys and we know that we are always getting the very best deal. When you feel a little guilty even looking in another store you know that you are getting good service and they appreciate your business.

Thanks again, you have a customer for life.



"A big thank you to the excellent team at Music Planet! I only needed a music stand light - but needed it quickly.

While it was a small purchase I was treated with the same urgency as if it were something much larger. I can not say enough about the fantastic service I received both on the phone from Music Planet, Palmerston North and through the website from Riley.

Keep up the great work guys! I'll be recommending you to all the musos I know."

Jason Lane

"I bought a DiMarzio pickup and TC Electronics delay pedal from Music Planet. The service I received was better than any online or face-to-face store I've ever been in. Riley's a great guy; he replied to my emails quickly and went out of his way to ensure service better than anything I could have hoped for.

I'm extremely happy with my shopping experience at Music Planet. I do a lot of research about which product I want to buy before I finally decide on one and now I am struggling to think of a reason to keep visiting traditional music shops!

I'd definitely recommend doing business with Music Planet. They'll look after you!"

Nick Zenteno

"You guys are great! I bought a ukulele for my wife at your Wellington Central store this morning, and the guys instore were so helpful. Which is more than I can say for the chumps at some other music stores I had been into. The staff at your store greeted me with enthusiasm and spent a good 30 minutes with me telling me all I needed to know about ukuleles and eventually selling me exactly what I needed. I will certainly be spreading the good word about Music Planet. Hooray for Music Planet!"

James Preston

"Good morning Riley,

Our order has arrived. Our Music Department will enjoy using the speaker and stand for many years.

Thanks for the prompt and efficient service you provided."

Jonathan Cate
Verdon College

"It was an absolute pleasure dealing with the Music Planet staff at the Queen St store as well as Riley.

I know very little about guitars but was very well informed of different types which helped me come to a final decision on my purchase. I love stress free buying but I also walked away feeling great about my purchase. I also needed a bag for my guitar and it wasn’t just a standard bag that I needed but Riley went out of his way to find me a bag just in time because it was a gift for my partner.

I can say that he was blown away by his iftg but little did he know what Riley went through to make it happen in the nick of time!

Awesome experience and would highly recommended dealing with Music Planet!!"

Rita Moemausu

 "Excellent service, couldn't praise Music Planet highly enough. Super smooth and had item shipped and arrived the very next day! Chuffed"


"Absolutely amazing service. I wasn't sure about the exact product I was needing, but the customer service team was super helpful and very quick to respond to my queries about what I was needing. Once I was set on what I wanted, I ordered the product easily online and it was sent to me in less than 48 hours.

In my books, Music Planet is number one in providing quality product, excellent customer service, and an overall hassle free way of filling your musical needs! ...And their products ROCK! Happy to recommend!

Chris Reka
Guitarist for Lunesta

"My keyboard that I ordered arrived early this morning which was a great way to start the day. Thank you very much for your help and for being super easy to deal with!"


"I found Music Planet a pleasure to deal with... The staff were extremely helpful, and were able to offer advice as well as great service. I would definitely use them again for our next purchase!"

Matthew Pethybridge

"The guys at Music Planet - online & instore - are true professionals and very helpful. Excellent to deal with. Very happy with the guitar."

Conway Patton

"Hi Riley,

I must say your after sales is great and with quick email returns. Thanks again for your concern and will shop with you guys again.


Mel O'Donnell

"Thanks heaps for the super quick responses. Probably one of the best online stores I've dealt with to date.

It's a nice refreshing change to get real customer service other than the usual generic copy + paste replies you get from most sites.

Cant wait to get my pickups installed - Cheers"

Louis Mahoney

"Hey there Riley,

Got the G&L Legacy Tribute guitar yesterday - Got today off so been jamin all night! 

It's got a real nice blues sound to it, something my other strats don't have. Nice action, really impressed with it.

Thanks again for ya help, I'm a happy camper!"


"I was looking for a replacement ADAT board for my old Korg DAW, so I contacted some well known online stores in the USA, Germany, Great Britain - None of them were helpful.

MUSIC PLANET (namely Mr. Riley Al-Johary) was THE only shop that really was ready to help. Some minor obstacles like payment method were taken care of by MP staff. Shipment by FedEx was fast. Even a minor misunderstanding that occurred during the transaction was immediately corrected.

I'm not new to making online purchases from different countries (first time from New Zealand, though) and I can say that MUSIC PLANET is one of the best if not THE best I ever dealt with!"

Vladimir Martynenko
Moscow, Russia

"Just a quick message to let you know that I had taken my new amp to band practice last night and that I am very, very happy with it! Big ups to all of you for being so helpful and also easy-going - I'll definitely recommend your store to others :)
Thanks a lot!"


"Found Music Planet a really cool site to shop ,the website and payment system is easy to use and the customer service is excellent, Riley was a huge help, great site."

David Ball
Melbourne, Australia

"I found the Music Planet Website while I was searching for the new Korg Monotron, amongst other things and, Man, these Guys are the Best!

They actually KNOW about the Gear are selling, which seems to be a rarity these days.

Riley was especially helpful and full of knowledge, Thanks Mate

Also, with Me being a complete novice when it comes to making Music and the gear I will need, always understood what the Music Planet Staff were telling Me, rather than being overwhelmed with tech jargon and lingo I didn't understand.

Another plus is their Website.

Its full of info, videos, pictures, specs etc on the gear they sell and very easy to navigate and find what You need.

In fact, everything can be done from their website, from getting info through to buying the gear, Brilliant!

Finally, once the Gear has been purchased from Music Planet, they remain helpful, unlike some other shops that don't want to know You once the goods have been bought and paid for.

All I know is that whatever Music Gear I will be buying in the future will definitely be coming from Music Planet, Their service is FAST and Communication is Tops, why go anywhere else?

Thanks Guys

10 out of 10!"


"I'm seriously happy with my Vestax Samurai, you guys are one of the few places on the planet to stock them!. Just 4 days delivery from NZ to Perth as well. Good service - cheers!"

Matthew Murphy
Perth, Australia

"Many thanks to Music Planet for the support and excellent service. I love dealing with people who really understand their products and meet you on the same wave length."

Tim Solly

"I purchased a Vox AC100CP from Music Planet via their Palmerston North store. Not only was the price amazing but the service from both the Palmerston Store and their website was absolutely top class. They answered all my questions and were very helpful in the advice they offered me.

Ian and Jeff in Palmerston were fantastic and were happy to hold the amp for me so I could get down and collect it, at no time was I pressured and even though I offered to place a deposit they were kind enough to trust that I would turn up when I said.

I would happily recommend Music Planet to anyone, in fact I have already encouraged some friends to purchase their new lights from Music Planet.

Thanks Music Planet, I'll be back for a guitar!!!"

Palmerston North

Thank you for the speedy service I am very impressed and most grateful. I will now be doing all my dealings with Korg through you guys."

James Timperley

"I heard of Music Planet from a few friends and heard the ads on the radio. I thought your website was great and very easy to use.

The cymbal has arrived and sounds great, packaging was also thorough which is very good. Thanks for following up with the email, I'll definitely recommend you guys when people want to buy new equipment :)

Thanks again,"

Sam Saw

"Hi Music Planet,

The guitar I ordered was delivered today, it has a magnificent and a wonderful sound.

It was a beautiful transaction with you, very sincerely thank you.

Music Planet is recommended."

Christian Peyre

"Hi Music Planet Online,

Thank you for your great customer service and will not hesitate to come in and see you if my youngest son takes up guitar lessons in a year’s time. I will certainly recommend you to any other parents looking for guitars or keyboards.

Kindest regards,"


"Hey Music Planet...

Just wanted to let you know the GarageKey midi controller has already arrived!! (yes it deserves 2 exclamation marks). I was totally gob-smacked how quickly it got here. Thankyou.

I've already plugged it in and everything works perfectly and i'm dizzy with happiness. It's even better than i had thought it would be. Perfect.

I reckon if you had a reseller over here (in Australia), you'd sell a truckload. Thank you again for all your help, friendliness and great service.

Anyway, all the best and thankyou once more. I will definitely recommend Music Planet to anyone if the opportunity arises.


Sydney, Australia

"I'm Ian from the Philippines,

I bought a audio mixer from Music Planet, and it arrived working perfectly. I am one of the VERY SATISFIED online customers of MUSIC PLANET.


Ian Phala

"Cheers for the great pedal, didn't have one in stock but let me know straight away and offered a refund. I chose to wait for one to arrive and it was worth it, great value amazing sounding fuzz pedal."

Drew Handcock

"I would like to thank Music Planet (and in particular Riley) who went out of his way to keep me informed regarding my recent purchase. The item I ordered (Big Muff bass pedal) was not in stock but Music Planet re-ordered from their supplier and kept me up to date as to its progress and arrival in NZ.

It was a pleasure to deal with a company that obviously values it's customers. The pedal arrived today and is exactly what I wanted. A great product and fantastic service.

Thanks guys and I will be using your internet site again."

Ian Walls

"Music Planet in definitely the best music shop!

I asked questions through email and the response was really quick and very helpful. Music Planet has a great set of staff who work as a team to do everything to make you are happy with your purchase. They give the right suggestions about which gear would be better for you, and why or if you should buy a certain product or not.

The staff is willing to help and give excellent customer service. I wanted to hear the sounds of the pianos and the keyboards and synths and geez, they let me try all of the keyboards and synths and pianos and workstations around so I had a great time comparing every single product to one another.

I've been to some music shops in other countries and they will not really entertain you if you're not gonna buy something. But Music Planet is different. I think they value their customers a lot and customer service is first on their list. It's not a shop that only wants to sell a product day after day. So if you're looking for the best gear with some good advice and tips from experts, think Music Planet. :)"

Francis Meria

"I was really pleased with this service. Communication was fast and friendly, and the instrument arrived in very good time. Highly recommended - Cheers"

Charlotte Bradley

 "I was looking to buy an E-Bow to replace one that had gone walk-about.

I was told by a major chain that E-Bows were "out-of-stock, only sporadically manufactured and not available for an indefinite period" - I rang Music Planet and they had an E-Bow delivered to my doorstep within 15 hours of my phone call.

I was given knowledgeable and helpful service and great follow-up.

I would recommend giving this lot your business because THAT sort of service is seriously impressive!

Thanks Again."

David Yetton

"Music Planet Online is awesome to deal with, quick to answer queries, friendly and straight up!! Recommended - AAA+++. "

Rachel Hill

"Hello Music Planet Online,

The amp we purchased arrived today, we set it up and it runs beautifully - Thank you very much for your excellent and prompt service."

Michael Morley

"Music Planet Online was great to deal with, fast delivery, easy service and they recommended a great hardcase the guitar I ordered! Thanks guys."

Francis Forgues

"Music Planet is super helpful, polite, delivery quick and generally overall have what it takes to make it far in this industry - What more can I say.Even easier than Trademe A++++

Will be buying again off Music Planet Online for sure!"

Damian Martin


"The customer service, speed of delivery, and product quality I received from musicplanet.co.nz was absolutely outstanding, just second-to-none.

The instrument which was sent to me as a gift, was 100% perfect, and I would recommend this company, and their professional and easy-to-use website to anyone, in a heartbeat.

Thanks again Music Planet."

Josie Ovenden

"My son has had lots of fun last night getting to know his keyboard we bought from Music Planet Online, before his first lesson on Saturday.

Thank you so much for the brilliant service. We will definitely be using your company again for our future Musical purchases.

Was an absolute pleasure doing business with you."

Robyn Smith

"A couple of words to thank the guys from Music Planet. I got what I needed much cheaper than anywhere else and on pick up got the best advice / help I have ever experienced in any music shop on a world scale. "

Dave Ward-Smith

"I recently purchased a Vox VT50 amp online from Music Planet.

My order was handled quickly and efficiently and the personal contact to help me decide the best product for my needs was exceptional.

I would definitely look to these guys for my future purchases. I would also heartily recommended this amp to anyone looking for quality and versatility of tone at a great price."

Jon Paske

"After going through a reasonably complicated purchase with Music Planet, (buying from Australia for delivery in NZ), I have found the staff I have dealt with extremely friendly and helpful. They take an interest in what you are doing, know what they are talking about and are flexible in any arrangements to be made.

I would thoroughly recommend Music Planet, and wont hesitate to use them again in the future, and they have helped make one 50 year old couldabeen very happy."

Lenny Thompson

 "Dear Music Planet,

I just wanted to write to express my appreciation for the service your staff gave me just before Christmas 2009: I had been searching for a Melodian for a while to give my fiancée for his Christmas present, and after a bit of research found that you guys stock Hammond instruments and also had a Melodian (such an odd instrument) in stock! I frantically ordered online, hoping to get this in time for Christmas and was exceedingly pleased that this was not a problem, despite the instrument needing to be shipped from your Auckland store to one of the Wellington stores for me to collect. Surprisingly, the parcel arrived on my door step literally overnight which was perfect! Thank you also for making the follow up call to make sure that I had actually received this as during initial email correspondence this was due to be sent to the store address for me to collect and not my home address. Having received this at home made it all the more easier for me – thank you!

And the Melodian brought such joy to my fiancée (who loves collecting and playing weird and wonderful instruments)!

I cannot recommend Music Planet and their staff more – my purchase was seamless, the service was outstanding, and the instrument purchased was in perfect condition on arrival.

Thank you for looking after me and dealing with all my back and forth emails.

I look forward to my next purchase with confidence! - Cheers!

Caroline Beech

"I recently purchased a guitar amp for my studio from Music Planet and was blown away by the excellent customer service, not to mention the great prices. They went above and beyond the service I normally receive from retailers. It was great dealing with friendly people who really know their stuff and were willing to go the extra mile to help get me the best deal. I'd recommend anybody looking to purchase music equipment or recording gear to check out Music Planet. For price and customer service they can't be beaten!"

Mark Sloane - Producer / Engineer

"Very good service, excellent prices, I'll certainly be coming back to music planet for more stuff in future. If the instrument/product you're after isn't featured on the web site be sure to ask because they probably have it anyway."

Pam Ewen

"I bought a guitar amp from music planet and I love it! The tone is awesome! Will definitely buy more guitar pedals etc from music planet in the future!"

Greg Taylor

 "I ordered a midi keyboard as a Christmas present for my son yesterday, it arrived this morning. Wow. Impressed!"

Ray Moxham

"As a person relatively new the the world of guitars and amps the customer support I received while selecting the correct product from music planet was exceptional. Your staff was very knowledgeable and even discussed future proofing options that i had not considered, this gave me the best value solution for my current experience level, goals and budget. I would recommend music planet to anyone who is after products that not only come at an excellent price but also with sound advice, support & after sales service beyond the call of duty."

Jason Strawbridge

"May I just say how impressed I've been with your service, quick and helpful email replies, the gift you kindly threw in, and the fast delivery. I'll be sure to be back in the future, and to pass the word along."

Patrick Krause

"We weren't sure whether the order was going to arrive on time for my son's birthday, (the order was placed only a couple of days before) when the courier turned up in the morning of his birthday, right after my wife had wished him! His present neatly packaged delivered to our doorstep we were pleasantly surprised! Well done guys and thanks for the fast service and following up of the order status and product satisfaction." 

Lucas Le roux

"Received my order today - thanks a mil for your fast, efficient and friendly service!"

Meghan Wood