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Taye Single Tom Stand TC91 700 Base

Taye TTS6000 Double Tom Stand Double Brace HD

6000 series hardware is built to stand up to the rigors of a gigging musician.
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TAYE TTS6000 Double Tom Stand Double Bra

Taye 6000 Series Hardware

Taye’s 6000 Series Hardware is the best in the business. Constructed of high quality materials and heavy gauge tubing, they are built to take a beating and out last you and the next generation to come. Let this be the last piece of hardware that you buy. Incorporated in the 6000 series are Taye's innovative BallTilter and PinlessHinge. Taye 6000 Hardware provides the ultimate in solid performance and reliability.?

Taye Innovations :

PinlessHinge : Super strong, smooth, light touch, vibration free adjustment, and fewer moving parts. Where stands used to break under over tightening and overuse, the PinlessHinge™ throws all that out the window!

Features : 

• Includes auxilary clamp for boom arms and other accessories

• Double Braced

• Double tom stand

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