Tay Spring Connector Attached To Beater

Tay Spring Connector Attached To Beater

Taye TMW-D Metalwork Dual Chain Drive Pedal - Double

Taye TMW Metalwork Chain Drive Pedal - Double

Taye wasnt messing around when they made this one, 100% adjustable, including the angel of the beater it self, the nextevolution of double pedals straight from the taye metal works custom shop, designed with professional drummers that need to have full control over every angle possible. Comes with gig bag
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Taye TMW Metalwork Chain Drive Pedal

The ultimate in responsive, flexible and durable kick pedals from Taye.

From its patented adjustable cam to its sensitive footboard, the Taye Drums MetalWorks Single Bass Drum Pedal creates a seamless bond between you and the bass drum. The adjustable cam allows you to customize the feel of the pedal and tailor it to your unique playing style. This feature will allow you to dial in a setting that mirrors your foot so it feels like a natural extension. The Roller Bearing Spring assembly enables a silky smooth response.

Another powerful feature for changing the pedal feel is the Footboard Length Adjustment. This adjustable footboard adjusts the angle of the chain pull. Adjusting the angle of the change pull dramatically changes the feel at the footboard. Experiment with an angle that feels just right. The beater rod is topped with a dual-sided head and has a number of adjustments including length and tilt adjustments.

MetalWorks eliminates concentrating on your equipment, allowing you to concentrate on your art. Throw in a Taye Metalworks exclusive post-based Stick Caddy and you're ready to break new ground.


• Adjustable cam

• Roller-bearing spring assembly

• Footboard length adjustment

• Adjustable beater head and rod

• Built-in stick caddy

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