Taye 14 Inch Snare Side 2.3Mm Chrome

Taye Straight Cymbal Stand Double Braced Heavy

Taye Straight Cymbal Stand Double Braced

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Taye CS5300BT Cymbal Stand W Ball Tilter

Taye 5000 Series Hardware

Taye’s 5000 Series Hardware offers the best value for those players seeking hardware that can stand up to abuse at an affordable price. Constructed of high quality materials, they are built to take a beating day after day and night after night.

Taye Innovations :

BallTilter : This little handy feature found on many pieces of Taye hardware allows you to angle a cymbal or drum in any direction with one simple adjustment without having to fuss with multiple adjustments to produce the same result.

PinlessHinge : Super strong, smooth, light touch, vibration free adjustment, and fewer moving parts. Where stands used to break under over tightening and overuse, the PinlessHinge throws all that out the window!

CS5300BT Features : 

• Medium Gauge

• Double Braced

• BallTilter
3 Section


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