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Taye PSK401C Bass Drum Pedal

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Taye PSK401C Pedal Sngle Chain Drive.

Taye's lightweight Power Kick single chain drive pedal features quick radius rod assembly and spring tension adjustment.

The heart of the drumset is the bass drum. Play it and you should feel a sensation of effortlessness.

Taye designed its pedals to achieve a level of smoothness exceeding industry standards. Taye pedals are simply unparalleled in their response, sensitivity, and power. Play them heel down for a comfort ride. Stomp on them heel up when the road is rocky. Taye bass drum pedals will hang with your every move.

Taye "PowerKick" PSK401C Features :

• Light weight,

• Single chain drive,

• Quick radius rod assembly and spring tension adjustment.

• Easy beater angle and spring tension adjustment.

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