Taye ProX 4 Piece Classic Kit Orange Sparkle

Taye Rockpro 4 Piece Classic Kit Black & White

Taye ProX 4 Piece Stage Kit Blue Crush

High-end features, high-end finishes, but without the high-end price, Blue Crush colour.
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Taye Prox 4PC Classic Kit Blue Crush

Taye introduced the ProX as a step up from our widely successful RockPro drum set. The ProX is, in fact, "pro" in every sense of the word. From its select hardwood shells to its luxurious gloss wood grain finishes. In addition, two attractive laminates are available. No question, these are robust sounding, attractive drums. 

Taye Innovations :

• UB105 PocketHinge Bracket: Strong and built with less moving parts, this bracket found on Taye's tom mounts, SuspensionRings, bass drums, and some floor toms, will succeed where other brackets fail.

• SideLatch Snare Release: Taye's patented SideLatch Snare Release is simply designed for optimum performance: the direct side action release design uses an absolute minimum of moving parts; parts that are normally susceptible to breakage. The knurled tension knob allows easy snare tension adjustment. The unique SlipLock Tension Adjustor feature prevents loosening of snare tension.

• Select Premium Birch-Basswood Shells Designed to Produce a Powerful Classic Sound

• Shell 8 ply 7 mm

• EFS Shell Technology

• UB105 PocketHinge Bracket

• BC100 Articulated Claw Hook

• All Rack Toms on SuspensionRings

• 1.6mm Hoops

Taye PX422S 4PC Kit Includes :

• 22"X16" Kick

• 12"X9" Rack Tom

• 16"X16" Floor Tom

• 14"X5.5" Snare 

 Included Hardware Pack “C” : 

• 1–HH5000 Double Braced HiHat Stand

• 1–CS5300 Double Braced Cymbal Stand

• 1–SS5000BT Double Braced Snare Stand with BallTilter

• 1–PSK501C Dual Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal

• 1–BS5300 Double Braced Boom Stand

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