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Taye PS422SDK-DOB Parasonic 4 pc Drum Kit Ocean Burst

The ease in tuning and flow of tone from drum to drum will amaze you. Comes with Hardware Pack A.
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Taye Parasonic 4 PC Double Stage Kit PS422SDK Dark Ocean Burst

ParaSonic combines two of the most popular woods for manufacturing high-end drums: Maple and Birch. We use the natural characteristics of each wood to create a tailored sound for each drum. 

That being said, Maple has a naturally longer sustain with a lower fundamental note while Birch has a slightly shorter sustain and brighter attack. The smaller drums use a blend of Maple and Birch combined with a slightly thicker shell to produce a brighter tone with a sharper attack. On the other hand, larger drums utilize 100% North American Sugar Maple shells combined with a slightly thinner shell to create the natural sustain and lower fundamental note for the size of drum. This is a perfect pairing of materials and shell thicknesses to create a tailored sound. 

Taye Parasonic 4 PC Double Stage Kit Specifications :

• North American Sugar Maple and Premium Birch hybrid

• Shells 8" to 12" are 2ply Maple/4ply Birch, 6.2mm

• Shells 14" to 22" are 6ply Maple, 4.8mm

 EFS Shell Technology

• 6ply maple SoundRings on bass drums

• ParaSonic Lug

• UB105 PocketHinge Bracket

• BC100 Articulated Claw Hook

• Brilliant High Gloss Lacquer Finishes

• Studded Gaskets

• SlideTrack Tom Holder System

• SuspensionRings for Rack Toms

• 2.3mm Counterhoops

Taye Parasonic PS422SDK Includes :

• (1) 22X18 Kick

• (1) 10X8.5 Rack Tom

• (1) 14x14Rack Tom

• (1) 16X16 Floor Tom

• (1) Tom Mount (for both toms)

HPA: Hardware Pack A :

•  HH6000 HiHat Stand

•  BS6300BT Boom Cymbal Stand

•  CS6300BT Cymbal Stand

•  SS6000BT Snare Stand

•  PSK601C SuperKick Single Bass Drum Pedal

*Please note, image show for illustrative purposes only. Cymbals & Snare are not included.



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