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Taye Studio Birch 14 x 6 Wooden Hoop Snare

Taye PS1407S-DOB Parasonic 14 x 5 Snare Ocean Burst

The ease in tuning and flow of tone from drum to drum will amaze you.
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Taye Parasonic 14 X 7 Snare Ocean Burst

ParaSonic combines two of the most popular woods for manufacturing high-end drums: Maple and Birch. We use the natural characteristics of each wood to create a tailored sound for each drum. 

That being said, Maple has a naturally longer sustain with a lower fundamental note while Birch has a slightly shorter sustain and brighter attack. The smaller drums use a blend of Maple and Birch combined with a slightly thicker shell to produce a brighter tone with a sharper attack. On the other hand, larger drums utilize 100% North American Sugar Maple shells combined with a slightly thinner shell to create the natural sustain and lower fundamental note for the size of drum. This is a perfect pairing of materials and shell thicknesses to create a tailored sound. 
Matching snare drums are now available in your favorite ParaSonic brilliant high gloss lacquer finish.

Continuing with the ParaSonic concept, snare drums feature a combination of hand-selected 100% North American Sugar Maple and Select Premium Birch. 2 plies of maple are cross laminated with 8 plies of birch for a 8.6mm thick shell providing extra volume and maximum cut. 

Available in 14"x7" and 14"x5", both models are outfitted with chrome triple flange hoops and matching vintage-style tube lugs. 

Taye Parasonic 14 X 7 Features : 

• North American Sugar Maple and Premium Birch hybrid

• 10-Ply Shell, 2-Ply Maple / 8-Ply Birch (8.6mm)

• 10 Vintage Style Tube Lugs

• SideLatch® Snare Release

• 20-Strand Snare Wires

• EFS Shell Technology


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