Taye DT550 Drum Throne

Taye DT680 Bicycle Drum Throne Black

Taye DT650 Drum Throne

Heavy duty, wide base with screw height adjustment and thick round cushion top.
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Taye DT650 Round Heavy Drum Throne

Taye Drum Thrones

Taye offers four throne bases and six seats. In Taye tradition, they are interchangable. From lightweight round tops to lushly padded ergonomic bicycle style seats, Taye has got you covered. Some drummers prefer the smoothness of vinyl; others the "breathing" of a mesh seat. The fabric throne is the result of a number of design coups, including optimal foam content for spinal support, proprietary stitching patterns, and a shape that enables free movement of thighs. 

Drummers often ignore the throne in favor of more flamboyant gear–not after they have experienced a Taye throne!

DT650 Features :

• Heavy Gauge Construction

• Screw Height Adjustment

• Thick Round Cushion

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