Taye DHP-2 Dynatone Drum Head Pack 12-13-16 2 Ply Clea

Taye DHP-4 Dynatone Drum Head Pack 10-12-16 2 Ply Clea

Taye DHP-3 Dynatone Drum Head Pack 10-12-14-16 Coated

Dynaton drum heads are offered in a variety of preconfigured packs including all the drum heads neccessary to replace a complete set.
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Taye DHP-3 Dynatone Drum Head Pack 10-12

Coated Medium : This type of material produces a slightly warmer tone due to the light spray coating that is applied to the head. It provides a more balanced tone from the head, while giving it a slightly enhanced attack. Traditionally, coated heads are best suited for batter side usage.

Coated Medium features a .250m/m single layer. This weight is equally suited for both batter and resonate side use.

Contents : 10", 12", 14", 16" Coated Medium

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