Taye ACS 3/4 Inch-1/2 Inch Connector Short

Taye ACS 3/4 Inch-3/4 Inch Connector Short

Taye Acs 3/4 Inch-3/4 Inch Connector Med

3/4 Inch-3/4 Inch Connector.
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Taye ACS 3/4 - 3/4" Connector Medium"

Taye ACS System

The ACS Accessory Clamp System features a fully expandable multi-clamping, multi-booming solution for all of your accessories, cymbals, and drums. ACS components are designed to easily position what you need, where you want—saving you weight and valuable space.

ACS-66M Features : 

• Both Ends Accept 3/4" Tube

• Heavy Duty Construction

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