Taye VB1465 Metalworks 14 x 6.5 Snare Vintage Brass

Taye WHUPGRD-NL 14 Ply Wood Hoop w Claw, Spacer and Ga

Taye WHUPGRD-BK 14 Ply Wood Hoop w Claw, Spacer and Ga

Natural sound with warm overtones and midrange punch.
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TAYE 14 PLY Wood Hoop With Claw Black

The Taye StudioBirch Wood Hoop Snare Drum features a 100% premium-selected 7-ply birch shell with 14-ply genuine North American sugar maple hoops. This combined with Taye Drums' patented EFS (Engineered for Sound) shell technology provides you with a snare that has attack, warmth, and a full tuning range.

The Taye wood hoops consist of 14-ply genuine North American Sugar Maple using proprietary construction under high pressure and precisely controlled temperature to ensure its strength and integrity. Each Wood Hoop is handcrafted with 10-degree top bevel for optimal stick contact on cross stick or rim shot, 45-degree internal chamfer for optimal drum head seating, and internal channel that captures drum head flesh hoop for proper alignment.

The resonating effect of the 14-ply Wood Hoop is further balanced by the specially engineered articulated claws with resonance control spacers.

The result is a snare drum that is as stunningly beautiful in appearance as the sound it projects with every stick contact. Whether it's a rim shot, cross stick, drum roll or single stroke, you will be impressed with unparalleled performance of this world-class drum.

TAYE 14 PLY Wood Hoop Features :

• 7-ply birch shell

• EFS shell technology

• 14-ply maple hoops

• Claws with resonance control spacers

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