Stagg XLR-XLR Microphone Cable w/Neutrik 6 Metres

Stagg Guitar / Instrument Cable w/Neutrik 6 Metre

Professional cables designed for the busy working musician doing live and studio sessions, who must adapt to every playing situation and requires premium quality gear that can be relied upon to deliver at all times.
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STAGG XGC6 20ft Instrument Cable

Cables are engineered for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss. These cables feature heavy-duty construction and professional Neutrik connectors. To protect signal quality, each conductor has an individual spiral shield inside the molded insulating sheath. A conductive PVC layer inside each shield dissipates static buildup during flexing.Dual copper outer shields and twin conductive PVC inner shields protect cable signal quality with 100% coverage Professional Neutrik connectors ensure superior signal integrity and outstanding strain reliefHeavy-duty PVC jacket stands up to tough useHeavy duty gauge stranded copper conductors offer optimal signal transferExtra flexibility and low memory for ease of use/storage.

STAGG XGC6 20ft Instrument Cable Specifications :

• X-Series

• Phone-plug/phone-plug instrument cable

• Original Neutrik connectors

• ROHS Compliant

• 6m/20ft.

• Diam: 6mm

• Black

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