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Stagg Guitar / Instrument Cable 6 Metre

Professional cables designed for the busy working musician doing live and studio sessions, who must adapt to every playing situation and requires premium quality gear that can be relied upon to deliver at all times.
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Stagg NGC6 6m/20ft Instrument Cable

The Stagg NGC6 20ft Instrument Cable is a high quality, 6m professional jack cable. Ideal for many instruments and audio devices such as electric guitars and bass guitars. The jack connectors are created by Ningbo-Neutrik, and offer a superior level of reliability, connectivity and durability to most other types, having gone through a superior design, manufacture and testing process.The cable is 6mm in diameter, with appropriate shielding and cable thickness to ensure the best possible operation. The black exterior is industry standard and keeps a subtle presence on stage, and in other applications.

Three metres is great for most occasions where you want enough length to be comfortable, and move around a bit, while avoiding long bits of slack cable tripping people over. It is always recommended to use the shortest cable you can for the job (within reason) as their are certain trade-offs between length and signal but the quality of the cable and being on the medium end of cable length this one is an ideal performance lead. ROHS Compliant means that this cable is not made using certain hazardous materials or substances, to ensure safe operation. This is important in reducing the risks involved, particularly when children have access to equipment, or where professionals are in prolonged and continuous contact with equipment.

Stagg NGC6 6m/20ft Instrument Cable Specifications :

• Great value cable suitable for most electric instruments such as electric guitars, basses & keyboards
6m/20ft length, ideal for use at home or onstage

• (2x) Ningbo-Neutrik 1/4" jack connectors

• ROHS Compliant, meaning that this cable is not made using certain hazardous materials or substances, to ensure safe operation


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