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Seymour Strat Blackouts Neck/ middle black

Hot but balanced single coil tone in a direct retrofit for Stratocaster guitars. Ideal for heavy blues, classic rock, and heavy rock.
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Seymour Duncan AS-1n Blackouts Single Neck/Middle Pickup for Strat, Black

Blackouts Singles are voiced for heavy rock. They'll drive your amp harder and they're great for use with pedals or other signal processing. They're perfect for everything from chunky rhythms to searing leads.

Blackouts Singles are available individually or in matched sets of three. Match Blackouts Singles with a high-gain stompbox like the Seymour Duncan SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem or the Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Power Grid for extreme heavy rock tones. Perfect for any electric guitar set up for a standard Stratocaster pickup route. Includes 25K pots, stereo jack, battery clip and other mounting hardware.

Blackouts Singles have a unique dual pin configuration on the underside of the pickup for two modes of output: moderate and high-gain. With the jumper removed, you have a moderate output that’s still comparable to passive pickups. However, with the jumper in place, the output is significantly boosted, making Blackouts Singles compatible with full-size Blackouts humbuckers. The pins can also be wired to a mini-switch or push/pull, for an on board boost!

Seymour Duncan AS-1n Blackouts Features :

• AS-1n Blackouts Single Neck/Middle Pickup for Strat, Black

• Fits all Stratocaster-style Guitars

• Selectable Output (Moderate or High Gain)

• Includes 25K pots, stereo jack, battery clip and mounting hardware

• 21 Day Real World Exchange

Seymour Duncan AS-1n Blackouts Specifications 

• Cable : Two conductor shielded

• Resonant Peak : Neck: 4.8 KHz, Bridge: 6.4 KHz 

• Magnets : Alnico V Rods

• EQ (B/M/T) : 6 / 8 / 6

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