Seymour Duncan Active 5-String Jazz Bass System

Seymour Duncan Lightnin Rods P-Bass Neck

Seymour Duncan Pro Active P-Bass Neck

The Pro Active pickup system is designed to provide the cleanest possible signal with expanded headroom and dynamic range.
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Seymour Pro Active P- Bass Neck

Seymour Duncan APB-1 Pro Active pickup for P Bass. A specifically wound low impedance coil is coupled with a small but efficient preamp built right into the pickup. The resulting sound is brilliant, responsive, and dead quiet. It's also more open, warmer, and more musical than standard active pickups. The gain is matched to the levels found in passive pickups. This is a plus for musicians who switch between active and passive instruments on stage. Wiring schematic, mounting screws, potentiometers, 9V battery clip, output jack, and wire are included. Made in the USA.


Modern-voiced, active replacement pickup for P-Bass®. Great for pop, blues, classic rock and heavy rock.


Compared to the Lightnin' Rods, the tone is more modern with sharper attack and more punch in the bass response. But unlike other active bass pickups, you don't get any brittleness. Includes logo covers.

Complete setup 

Available as a split-coil active pickup. Battery life is approximately 2,000 continuous hours. Often used together with STC-2 or -3 Tone Circuits for optimal tonal control. Includes mounting and wiring hardware. Includes logo covers.


For warmer toned ash, alder or basswood body instruments. Works especially well with rosewood fingerboards.


Tere Bertke / Blackhawk, Carol Kaye / session legend, Tim Gaines / Stryper, Frank Bello / Anthrax, Blasko / Rob Zombie

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