Seymour Duncan NYC Bass Neck 5-String

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Seymour NYC 5-String Bass Pickup Set

The NYCs are intriguing-sounding pickups, offering a goodly amount of classic texture and personality while remaining poised and balanced, top to bottom.
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Seymour NYC 5-String Bass Pickup Set

Passive 5-string bass “soapbar” pickup with a double row of exposed Alnico pole pieces.

Same dual coil J-type pickup design found in some of the world’s best basses. The four conductor cable allows a wide variety of tonal options. Wire it in parallel mode for a slightly thickened single coil sound that is hum-cancelling; wire it in series mode for high output and maximum punch and fullness, or wire it in single coil mode for a true vintage Jazz Bass® sound. The Alnico 2 rod pole pieces provide a tone that is punchy and focused with a natural and smooth upper midrange. Compared to an active soapbar, the tone is warmer and more organic.

Complete setup 

Available individually or in a calibrated neck and bridge set.


This pickup is a direct retrofit replacement for the 5-string EMG® 40. The bridge pickup is designed for basses with string spacing of 74mm and the neck pickup is designed for string spacing of 70mm (measured center of low B string to center of G string).

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