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The LiveWire has a very strong midrange with more frequency response than any other high-output guitar pickup.
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Seymour Livewire Classic Humbucker Bridge White

The Seymour Duncan LW-HS1B LiveWire is an active circuitry, single coil humbucking electric guitar pickup. But beware! You may have to turn down the volume to keep the LiveWire pickup under control. 


18-volt active humbucker with classic voicing. Great for pop, country, blues, classic rock and heavy rock.


The tone is full-bodied with a wide frequency response and rich sustain. They have a potent sound that lets you hear every note in the chord. The 18-volt power supply gives twice the headroom of other active pickups for improved tonality and increased dynamic range. These humbuckers do not have a split coil mode.

Complete setup

Available in neck and bridge set. Many extreme metal players use a Metal Livewire in the bridge position and a Classic in the neck (available as a matched set). Includes mounting ring, pots, battery clips, stereo jack and wire.


Any humbucker guitar with vibrato or hard-tail bridge.

Available mods

Black or white.


Phil Campbell / Motorhead, Lord Ahriman / Dark Funeral

Seymour Duncan LW-HS1B LiveWire Classic Single-Coil Active Pickup Specifications :

• Alnico II rod magnet

• 8.5kHz resonant peak

Seymour Duncan LW-HS1B LiveWire Classic Single-Coil Active Pickup Features :

• Ultrahigh output

• Strong mids

• Great frequency response

• Humbucking

• Active circuitry

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