Seymour Duncan Pro Active P-Bass Neck

Seymour Duncan Pro Active PJ Bass Set

Seymour Duncan Lightnin Rods P-Bass Neck

The Jazz Bass bridge pickup has smooth highs and a solid bottom for warmth and clarity.
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Seymour Lightnin ' Rods P- Bass Neck

Basslines' active 4-string pickups for Jazz Bass and P-Bass were designed to meet the needs of today's modern bassist who insists on an authentic, "original" look.  The vintage pole piece design doesn't suggest that there's a highly sophisticated preamp under the cover-but there is.

The focused midrange gives the kind of definition that vintage pickups are so famous for.  The P-Bass set is fat and present, with those popular "warm and woody" mids that P-Bass players adore.  

The fully discrete, ultra quiet, single battery preamp delivers low impedance output with excellent dynamic range.  As a result of the micro power circuit design, you can enjoy up to 2,000 hours of continuous battery life.

This pickup is a direct replacement and requires no bass guitar modification.


Vintage-voiced, active replacement pickup for P-Bass®. Recommended for country, pop, blues, and classic rock.


Gives that traditional "warm 'n woody" tone typical of a vintage P-Bass, but with faster response, courtesy of the built-in, fully discrete, ultra quiet, active preamp with excellent dynamic range. Compared to the Pro-Active series, the Lightnin' Rods are vintage-voiced with exposed Alnico 5 rod pole pieces. Includes logo covers.

Complete setup 

Available as a split-coil active pickup. Battery life is approximately 2,000 continuous hours. Often used together with STC-2 or -3 Tone Circuits for optimal tonal control. Includes mounting and wiring hardware. Includes logo covers.


Larry Dennison / Ronnie James Dio, Tyler Rebbe / Pulley

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