Seymour Duncan Lightnin Rods Jazz Bass Bridge

Seymour Duncan Active 5-String Jazz Bass Bridge

Seymour Duncan 4/5-String Steve Bailey

A fully discrete, ultra quiet, 9-volt preamp delivers low impedance output with excellent dynamic range.
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Seymour AJB - 3ASB 4/5 String Steve Bailey


The neck pickup is fat and present with enough punch and snap to bring definition and brilliance to the low-B. The bridge pickup has a solid bottom with a dip in the mids for warmth and clarity. Includes logo cover.

Complete Setup 

Calibrated neck and bridge set. Often used together with STC-2 or -3 Tone Circuits for optimal tonal control. Can be used with either 4- or 5-string basses. Note that this pickup is not a direct retrofit for Fender Jazz V, but fits many popular 5-string basses. Will accommodate string spacings up to 3.10” (78.7mm) for bridge pickup and 3.00” (76.2mm) for neck pickup.

Players : Terry Hale / George Strait, Melvin Lee Davis / Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton, Bob Zilla / Damageplan, P-Nut / 311

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