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Sennheiser E902 Dynamic Cardiod Microphone

The cardioid polar pattern e902 is a dynamic instrument microphone especially designed for deep bass frequencies such as kick drums, bass guitar amps, and tuba.
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Sennheiser e902 Cardioid Dynamic Mic for Kick Drum

The e 902 was especially designed for the low sound spectrum and convinces with firm, clearly defined bass sounds with a tight punch. The strongly contoured frequency response features a pronounced damping of the mid-range and an accentuated emphasis of the high-end and bass. The result: a clear, grainy sound with a full body and a precise kick that effortlessly asserts itself in a band context. The sound of the e 902 can be flexibly shaped by its positioning in the drum set: from warm and round to sharp and direct. The rugged housing meets the hardest of demands during live gigs.

Sennheiser e902 Features :

• Frequency response optimized for kick drums

• Very fast attack

• Exceptionally clean and clear pick-up of the lowest bass signals

• Integral stand mount

• Ultra-strong full metal body

• Shock-mounted capsule

Sennheiser e902 Specifications :

• Microphone Type Dynamic

• Polar Pattern : Cardioid

• Frequency Response : 20Hz-18kHz

• Output Impedance : 350 ohms

• Low Cut Filter : No Filter

• Color : Black

• Connector : XLR

• Weight : 1 lbs.


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