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Samson's D-3500 Feedback Management System gives you automatic feedback control, programmable filter and delay parameters and ultimate ease of use - highly unique qualities for a digital processor!
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Samson D-3500 Feedback Management System

The D-3500 from Samson is a digital, dual 15-band parametric EQ/feedback management system. For ease of use, the unit features Automatic Frequency Restoration (AFR) technology. If feedback spikes on any of the thirty filters, that frequency is cut. AFR continues to monitor that frequency and if the feedback goes away, the frequency is restored.

For more advance use the D-3500 provides multiple filter settings, programmable delay, high and low pass filters, a gate, limiter and more. 24-bit audio resolution and sample rates up to 96kHz provide for pristine sound and setting can be stored in 100 locations. The unit is linkable via MIDI or Samson's D-Net System interface.

Samson D-3500 Feedback Management System Features :

• Digital equalizer combined with an advanced and easy to use, automatic feedback management system providing thirty bands of parametric filters

• For stereo PA systems the unit can operate with fifteen filter bands per side, or for mono operation like stage monitors, all thirty bands can be use at once

• Offers three filter modes, Resonance for reducing feedback due to room acoustic problems, Dynamic for feedback problems caused when microphone are moving around on stage, and Manual for adjusting the parametric filters by hand

• For temporary feedback problems like those caused by microphones moving on stage, a unique Auto Filter Release mode lets the EQ filters gradually restore themselves to the original levels once the feedback problem go away

• Advanced 32-bit floating point DSP with high-end, 24-bit/96kHz sample rate Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog converters provide pristine sound quality with low distortion and wide dynamic range

• The LEARN mode allows the unit to perform a single-button push, automatic feedback reduction that automatically "rings-out" a speaker system to remove feedback

• Onboard programmable delay included for time aligning speakers

• Programmable high and low pass filters for setting contour curves or for removing lowend stage rumble

• Programmable noise gate with variable threshold control

• Programmable brick wall limiter provides an added layer of speaker protection

• Equalization curves plus all digital effects can be stored or recalled in the 99 user preset locations

• Configure larger systems using multiple D class units which communicate over standard MIDI, or with Samson's optional high-speed D-Net interface card

• Optional DI01 digital interface card available for connecting to AES/EBU or S/PDIF

• Electronically balanced XLR inputs and outputs

Samson D-3500 Feedback Management System Specifications :

• Filter Type : Parametric

• Frequency Bands 15 per channel

• Bandwidth 1/60th octave to 1 octave

• Number of Channels 2

• Inputs 2 x XLR

• Outputs 2 x XLR

• Maximum Input Level +14dBu

• Maximum Output Level +22dBu

• Frequency Response 10Hz to 35kHz, -1dB @ 96kHz sampling rate

• Dynamic Range Not specified by manufacturer

• Noise

   <-92dBFS (-78dBu) unweighted

   <-100dBFS (-86 dBu) A-weighted

• Dimensions (WxDxH) 19" x 10 1/2" x 3 1/2"

• Weight 5.1 lbs

• Specialties Offers three filter modes, "Resonance" for reducing feedback due to room acoustic problems, "Dynamic" for feedback problems caused when microphone are moving around on stage and "Manual" for adjusting the parametric filters by hand

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