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Rocktron Xpression Rack Effects Unit

Multi-Effects processor - 100% of the processing power is dedicated to producing rich, lush effects and EQ.
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Rocktron Xpression Rackmount Effects

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Pre-Loaded with 128 professional presets custom designed for guitar and bass including a combination of vintage AND modern voiced effects based on our years of experience in signal processing. The vintage effects include many classic stomp box style effects like Flanger, Phaser, Rotary and Tremolo that were modeled after actual vintage products no longer available on the market today.

Multi-voiced Delay and Chorus

Designed for Guitar and Bass for BOTH live and recording situations. A Tap Button for "Delay" and "Rate" control is on the front panel and is MIDI Programmable. Reverb, Multi-Pitch Shifting, Compressor and much more are included. The Xpression is designed to maximize EFFECTS to be used WITH your favorite preamp or amplifier, thus there are no distortion presets in the Xpression.

 SIMbiotic™ 4-Band Parametric EQ

The ultimate tool for tonal shaping of your sound and it has also been designed specifically for Guitar and Bass. Separate Input and Output Level controls to accommodate all kinds of guitars and basses with active and passive pickups.

Speaker Simulator

Allows you to RECORD DIRECT using your favorite preamp or amplifier OR to connect directly to a PA System using your favorite preamp or amplifier – (leave that heavy cabinet at home)! Rocktrons unique Signal Routing which allows you to choose between an Analog Direct Feed, or full Effects Routing. With a MIDI Footswitch and expression pedal you can control virtually all effects parameters. (Optional Rocktron MIDI Mate or All Access footcontrollers are available).

Other Features:

• HUSH® Noise Reduction

• Speaker Simulator and Speaker Modeling

• Mic Position Modeling

• Dynamic Tube Reactance Modeling

• Hi-Pass Filter for Bass

• Run up to 10 effects at once

• 24-Bit Internal Processing via Motorola DSP Engine for Double precision 48 x 48-bit multiply with 96-bit result

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