Newen TL Electric Guitar & Vox MV50 Amp Package Blue

Newen TL Electric Guitar & Vox MV50 Amp Package Blue

Newen TL Elec Guitar & Vox MV50 Amp Package Natural

Newen TL Elec Guitar & Vox MV50 Amp Package Natural

Newen TL Electric Guitar & Vox MV50 Amp Package Dark

Package includes Newen TL Electric Guitar in Darkwood with Vox MV50 AC Hybrid Head and BC108 Amplifier & cable
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NEWEN guitars deliver their take on affordability and quality with their beautiful wooden TL American Classic style Electric Guitars.

Made from Patagonian solid wood, these T style electric guitars deliver a rich sense of tone and harmonics in one affordable package. The grain of high quality White Oak wood can be seen through the soft semi-finished lacquer, giving it a beautiful wooden exterior. Coming with the standard dual single coil pick ups, this NEWEN TL American Classic will rock your socks off and look good while doing it.

If you find yourself getting bored of your old guitar, get yourself a NEWEN. 


Heavyweight AC Tone in a Mini Stack

The MV50 AC mini electric guitar amplifier head and 1 x 8" speaker cabinet usher in a new level of professional-quality tones and convenience for guitarists chasing classic Vox tones. The MV50 AC is voiced to deliver 50 watts of the same chime and harmonically rich grind as your favorite AC30 tones and utilizes a Nutube in the preamp section for true tube performance. But the kicker is that it does it all in a package that weighs just over a pound and fits in the palm of your hand. If you're looking for the tone that has backed artists such as the Beatles, John Scofield, and Queen, the MV50 AC is the mini stack of your dreams.

True AC tone

You can expect to enjoy the same great British-influenced tones from the MV50 AC mini amp head as Vox's larger and legendary all-tube combo amplifiers. It has been carefully voiced to deliver everything from bell-like clean tone to the all-out rock assault of an AC30 cranked to the max. And the matching 1 x 8" BC108 speaker cabinet puts out a much larger sound than its size would suggest. No matter where you set the simple 3-knob controls, you'll revel in the Brit tones that helped define the sound of rock 'n' roll.

Nutube technology

In a world of great-sounding digital options, it's always refreshing to find groundbreaking technology that still adheres to the "tubes are better" mentality. Vox knows this as well as any amplifier company and has been integrating real tube tone into their digital and analog amps for years. The MV50 AC 50-watt mini electric guitar amplifier head follows suit with a Nutube located in its preamp section. This delivers the punchy feel and rich overtones you'd expect from anything bearing the Vox logo..

Conveniently small footprint

For an electric guitar amplifier head that pushes 50 watts of power, the Vox MV50 AC is about as small as they come. By utilizing their Nutube technology and a Class D power section, Vox is able to cram enough power and tone into this amp to power any electric guitar speaker cabinet, even at performance volumes. Not gigging lately? The cab-emulated line/headphone output sounds fantastic for practice, at-home playing, and recording. And Vox puts it all into an amp head that comes in at just a touch over a pound.


  • 50-watt mini guitar amplifier with real tube tone
  • 1 x 8" speaker cabinet is voiced for a huge tone
  • Unbelievably small and lightweight
  • Nutube technology supplies a true tube-amp performance
  • Class D power section keeps the weight down while pushing plenty of power
  • Easily drives any type of guitar speaker cabinet
  • Weighs a little over 1 lb.

Package includes 20ft EWI Instrument cable

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