Korg LP-380-U Piano Package - Rosewood with Bench

Korg LP-380-U Piano Package - Rosewood with Bench

Medeli DP740K Digital Piano with K8 Keybed

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DP740K is all about big sound, delicate voice and perfect touch.  Using Medeli’s A5 processor, DP740K is equipped with 256 polyphony and a stunning new sound library of 1200 voices.
The 270 styles on board will take you to a new music horizon, bringing you from big band jazz in the 50s to dubstep in the millenium.  The keybed topped with an ivory touch, offers 3 sensor configuration, , where notes will be detected accurately even without full release.
It helps player to play fast, repeated notes and nothing will be missed.  Finally, being able to share your music easily is one of the the key aspect every player desires.  With DP740K, you can record and playback in MP3 format, save the music on the massive external USB drive and also transfer the music wirelessly to your phone via bluetooth.  The USB audio jack allows connectivity to any computer, tablets and mobile devices, where DP740K would be transformed into a home stereo, playing your favorite music from your device.

KEYBOARD 88 keys (hammer action)



SOUND / VOICE 1200 (13 drum kits)


MUSIC LIBRARY 90 songs • L / R hand learning

AMPLIFIER 2 x 25 watt • 2 x 15 watt

SPEAKER 2 x 17 cm • 2 x 5 cm  

DIMENSION 1400 x 494 x 910 mm

WEIGHT 58 kg


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