Korg Tinypiano Piano Hello Kitty White

Korg Tinypiano Piano Hello Kitty White

Stylish black with the adult essence into a cute, cute face large printed white point Red Ribbon. Please choose from the color of two different designs.

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Correct pitch, good good sound quality.

Korg believes the first good product if you get the correct values will grow. Gifts for kids is important should be quality can convince the adults to pick it. You can play the piano tone pitch tinyPIANO if stable unique electronic piano, sampled grand piano sound profound feeling and depth. In volume and emphasis on safety and durability of movable parts to reduce as much as possible, children hear sweet sound advance volume modestly to adjust there.

Stylish and cute, and authentic.

-Korg Mini 25 keyboard stuck to the ease of playing with the miniature pianos upright piano that leave a smaller, like a cute design in design with frontal looks just like a real piano. Body with more touch-friendly considering wood features a toy piano category, luxury, quality, is perfect as the Interior of the room.

Built in learn while playing 25 instruments.

Good sound isn't just grand piano. To appear in many standard classic electric pianos, Clavinet, even tone, with instruments such as organ, Bell and 25 as a miniature piano music box, toy piano and selected important until timbre. You can remember the sound looks like picture book, with the correct instrument.

Does not have a built-in fun, 50 songs Demo songs.

tinyPIANO incorporates a wide variety of automatic playing Demo songs with 50 songs. You can not only listen to good, as background music in your room to your favorite music, music boxes and music players as shed. We set the tone demo song already fits the song, but to play in different tones depending on atmosphere and taste. You can also enjoy the BGM without focused volume, even if you play the Demo songs at night and used to the people around him feel free to be.

Small, portable work with easy, AA batteries.

Speakers mounted on a small body. Runs on 6 AA batteries, so guests can enjoy piano music anytime, anywhere. You can without having to put in place, fit the mood of the day, carried in the living room, bed room, or outdoors, enjoy the music in a carefree style. It is a shame let me use just for kids, adults and miniature electronic piano.


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