Korg SV1 Stage Vintage 73 Note Keyboard Metallic Red

Korg SV1 Stage Vintage 73 Note Keyboard Metallic Red

Korg SV-1 73 Stage Vintage Piano - Limited Edition Metallic Red

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Metallic Red body of 2017 vintage.

The crimson body of the 73-key SV-1 left a strong impact when it went on sale in 2009. It has since gone out of production, but in response to user requests has now reappeared in a new red even better looking than the original. The glamourous body with its lush curves is coated in a metallic red that sparkles dynamically when viewed from different angles, revealing its luster and depth. This brilliant red is more enticing than ever on stage. In contrast, the operating panel facing the performer features a black color scheme that is easy to read and operate. Hot and cool. This instrument brings them both together. 

Don't miss this latest and most beautiful red SV-1. 

*A limited number of SV-1 88-MR or SV-1 73-MR units will be sold. 
All specifications other than color are identical to the SV-1 Black model with the corresponding number of keys.



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