Korg SP280BK Digital Piano Black

Korg SV1 Stage Vintage Piano 88 Key

Korg SV1 Stage Vintage 73 Note Keyboard Black

The SV-1 contains the hippest, most in-demand and soul-satisfying keyboard sounds ever collected in a single instrument.
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Korg SV1 Stage Vintage 73 Note Keyboard Black

The SV-1 has been captivating audiences since 2009. Now, the acclaimed Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano has been given an elegant matte black stage finish: the SV-1BK Black.


For the retro enthusiast, the Limited Edition SV-1RV features a bold red body and vintage reverse-color keys that call to mind the classic combo organs of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Stage. Vintage. Piano. The name pretty much says it all. 

• Two phenomenal grand piano sounds – 1 European, 1 Japanese

• Korg’s finest piano keyboard with Graded Hammer Action; 73 or 88 keys

• Intuitive “LIVE” front panel with single-function knobs

• 8 Easy-to-set car-radio style Favorites buttons

• Valve Reactor 12AX7 tube-driven amp modeling (6 Models)

• 6 Pre-FX; 6 Modulation FX; 6 Reverb Delays; 3-Band EQ

• Stereo inputs / Stereo outputs ( all 1/4")

• XLR Stereo balanced stage/recording outputs

• Headphone output

• Includes damper pedal & music rack

• Options: assignable footswitch; assignable footpedal;

36 coveted and in-demand piano & vintage keyboard sounds :

• Grand Pianos: Smooth European; Lively Japanese; Mono Grand (for live); etc.

• Electric Pianos: Tine styles; Reed Types; Plucked Type; Clavs; etc.

• Electronic Pianos: Korg SG-1D; Transistor; ‘80s synth; VPM styles; etc.

• Organs: Tonewheels; USA Tube Console; Italian Combo; VOX

• Keyboards: String Machine, Tape Strings, Synth Brass; etc.

• Other: Piano + Layers; Real Strings; Real Choir, etc.


Piano Primer

Let’s begin with Piano. The SV-1BK contains not just one, but multiple piano sounds, including a Japanese Grand Piano, a German Grand Piano, an authentic upright, and more. Then there is the Vintage. The SV-1BK Stage Vintage Piano offers the most rewarding compendium of electro-mechanical, transistorized, tape-driven, analog, and early digital keyboards ever available in a single instrument. Crafted using Korg's RX (Real eXperience) Technology; each sound is a detailed and authentic re-creation, accurately capturing the full range of expression and dynamics of the original. But for Korg, even that is not enough. The SV-1BK also provides access to the effect pedals, amplifiers, speaker cabinets and studio techniques that gave these sounds their original shine. Together, they provide fingertip access to the sounds that defined generations of popular keyboard playing.

Designed with performance in mind, the SV-1BK is a pleasure to play. Once you try it, you'll understand what all the excitement is about. The RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action is the finest keybed Korg offers, with a solid, responsive feel that inspires confidence. Forget menus. Never mind banks and programs. Stop staring at displays. With the SV-1BK, the entire front panel is always live, using clearly labeled knobs to dial up just the sound you are looking for. Saving your eight Favorite settings for quick recall is as easy as saving a station on your car radio.

Best of all, the Korg SV-1BK provides an economical, reliable, portable, and maintenance-free alternative to collecting and maintaining a stable of vintage instruments. The cabinet styling (and optional Black stand) clearly defines the SV-1BK as an instrument that was made to be played; providing a retro-chic appearance that reflects the pulse and heart of the original instruments.

Housed in a sleek, curvaceous body, the SV-1BK offers an elegant on-stage appearance. Coupled with retro-style controls and smooth black finish, the SV-1BK oozes desirability – and playability! An optional collapsible black stand is available, along with a gig-ready rolling soft case. 


Stage Piano sounds

The 36 sounds in the SV-1BK span from electric pianos, acoustic pianos, organs, strings and synth. Each category of instrument starts with the essential classics and then moves beyond what other products offer, going into some rare and unique instruments that were the part of the soundtrack of their eras.

The acoustic pianos include three-way stereo versions of both German and Japanese grand piano giants, a more intimate upright piano, a much-needed mono piano for small gigs, a late ‘70s-mid 80’s Japanese electro-acoustic variation, plus some blended sounds. 

The electric pianos start with a seven-way velocity switched “tine” version, continue through the classic “reed” based model and then into a vintage analog “electra” instrument (all from American manufacturers), as well as two different Japanese mid-80’s digital classics. Organs include three variations of the classic tonewheel model, plus the most famous British and Italian combo organs, along with the first known offering of a signature American tube-driven console organ.

Clavs include four variations of the tonal settings plus a related keyboard from the same manufacturer that used a plucked-reed mechanism for a unique and intimate sound. Add in real, tape-based, and analog strings; choir; and a couple of fat analog synth sounds and you have an incredibly versatile palette of sounds to perform with.

Each of the core instruments has been accurately sampled including tine, key-off, damper and hammer noises at different velocities. We even sampled piano cabinet resonances to enhance the accuracy of our pianos. This attention to detail, called the RX Experience, is what makes playing the SV-1BK a joy. It comes to life under your hands, with a three-dimensional sound evoking the electro-mechanical legends, reborn.


Vintage FX chain and amp modeling

The superb sound generation of the SV-1BK is further enhanced with the inclusion of six separate stages of signal processing, all bypass-able. 

EQUALIZER (Bass, Middle, and Treble)

Controllable from the front panel, the EQ allows you to shape the tonal quality of your sound in real-time. 

PRE FX (Compression, Boost, U-Vibe, Chorus/Vibrato, Tremolo, Wah) 

This section provides the essential effects for pre-treating your sound or adding some vintage vibe, with some classic effects modeled by Korg’s legendary guitar effects designers. Add a sweep pedal (i.e. Korg's EXP-2 or XVP-10) to get funky with the Wah. 

AMP MODEL (Amp Modeling, Cabinet Simulation, and Noise Reduction) 

A wealth of amp heads and speaker cabinets are available to add color, drive and edge to your sound. Plus, Korg’s exclusive Valve Reactor circuitry adds the warmth or snarl that only a real tube can provide.

MODULATION FX (Chorus 1 & 2, Phaser 1 & 2, Flanger, and Rotary) 

Some of the most famous stomp-box pedals have been recreated to give you the signature sounds for these legendary timbres. Korg’s rotary speaker emulation has long been acclaimed as one of the best, faithfully adding nuance and motion to any organ sound.

REVERB/DELAY (Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo, and Stereo Delay) 

Four types of reverb are provided, along with a classic tape-echo, plus a tempo-based digital delay – complete with a tap tempo switch.


This final step in the chain ensures your level remains balanced across all sounds, and is adjustable only via the included computer editor/librarian software.

Intuitive and simple interface 

The user interface has been designed with performance in mind; every essential control is quickly accessible on the front panel, with no confusing menus or multiple button presses. Rotary knobs include illuminated LED’s to show the position of the knob, and can be pressed to restore the original setting. For really quick changes, the SV-1BK has eight car-radio style buttons to instantly call up your eight Favorite sounds and settings. Storing a Favorite is equally as easy. Simply adjust the controls to your preferred settings, then press and hold one of the Favorites buttons; when the button flashes, press it again and the settings are now stored. 

Keyboard, tuning curves 

The SV-1BK is equipped with Korg's finest graded-hammer action (RH3) keyboard on both the 73-key and 88-key versions. The FUNCTION button provides access to eight different tuning curves including equal, grand piano stretch, electric piano stretch, electric grand, upright stretch, detuned and two user-definable types (configurable using the editor/librarian software). Overall tuning can also be accessed via the FUNCTION button, and adjusted by using the EQ treble control. While in this mode, concert pitch (A=440) can be recalled quickly by pressing the treble encoder pot. Needless to say, the SV-1BK can be transposed into any key.


A pro keyboard would be incomplete without all the right connections. The SV-1BK is equipped with balanced XLR and ¼" outputs; Left and Right audio inputs; MIDI In and MIDI out jacks, USB MIDI Port, and 3 pedal connections: Damper, Pedal 1, and Pedal 2. The Damper pedal is included, and responds to half-pedaling for authentic piano response. Pedal 1 is designed for a switch type of pedal, and can operate as a piano Sostenuto pedal, or as a Fast/Slow switch when the Rotary Speaker effect is on. Pedal 2 can accept either a sweep-type pedal – great for authentic Wah effects – or an additional switch pedal, providing the piano purist with access to all three piano pedal functions by adding the Una Corda (soft) function.

Editor/Librarian Software 

While setting out to create an incredibly friendly and easy-to-use instrument, we knew that there were more tech-savvy players out there that would love nothing more than to dig in a little deeper. The SV-1 Editor/Librarian software provides cool graphic-based programming, including access to certain parameters not available on the SV-1 Black’s panel. In addition, the Editor/Librarian software allows each of the 36 sounds and the eight Favorites to be programmed and saved individually. This points the way to users sharing and swapping their favorite settings, and for Korg to supply more sounds in the future. The SV-1 Editor/Librarian runs on Mac or PC, and is included free with every SV-1 Black.



Keyboard :

• SV-1-73 Black : 73 keys.

• SV-1-88 Black : 88 keys.

• Velocity sensitive Korg RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)

Touch selection : Eight curves

Tuning : Transpose, Fine tuning, Tuning curves

Sound generation : EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis)

Polyphony : 80 notes (max)

Sounds :               

• 36 sounds (6 banks × 6 variations)

• Bank 1 (E. Piano 1) : Tine EP/Amp, Tine EP/Phaser, Tremolo EP, Dyno EP, VPM Piano, VPM Tine

• Bank 2 (E.Piano 2) : Reed EP 1, Reed EP 2, Electric Grand, SG-1D Piano, 80's Synth Piano, MIDI Grand

• Bank 3 (Clav) : Clav AC, Clav BC, Clav BD, Clav AD, Piano-ette, ElectraPno

• Bank 4 (Piano) : Grand Piano1, Grand Piano2, Mono Grand, Upright, Piano/Strings, Piano/Pad

• Bank 5 (Organ) : Tonewheel x 3 (Click, Jazz, Full), Console Organ, Italian Combo, VOX Combo

• Bank 6 (Other) : Full Strings, Tape Strings, 70s Strings, Choir, Synth Brass, Sharp Brass

Favorites : 8 favorite switches for quick control panel registration

Equalizer : Bass, Mid, Treble

Pre FX : Compressor, Boost, U-Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, VOX Wah

Amp Models : Amp 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / Organ Amp + Cabinet Models, Valve Reactor Technology – 12AX7 tube

Modulation FX : Chorus1, Chorus2, Phaser1, Phaser2, Flanger, Rotary

Reverb/Delay : Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo, Stereo Delay

Total FX : Stereo Mastering Limiter, Stereo Limiter

Effect Controllers : Equalizer On/Off – 3 encoders: Bass, Mid, Treble

Pre FX 2 switches : On/Off, Auto/Pedal switch for Wah

3 encoders : Type select, Speed, Intensity

Amp Models On/Off – 2 encoders : Type select, Drive

Modulation FX 2 switches : On/Off, Rotary Slow/Fast

3 encoders : Type select, Speed, Intensity

Reverb/Delay 2 switches : On/Off, Tap Tempo

2 encoders : Type select, Depth

Other Controls : 4 switches

Panel Switches : Transpose, Local Off, Touch, Function, Demo = Transpose + Local Off

Volume : Master Volume Knob

Connections : Audio output, Audio input, Headphones, MIDI, Computer, Damper

MIDI : In / Out

Headphones : 1 (on the front panel)

Audio outputs :

• L, R (2 × XLR, Balanced)

• L/Mono, R (2 × 1/4” Jack, Unbalanced)

Inputs : L/Mono, R

Computer : USB Type B connector (doubles the MIDI interface), USB 1.1 Supported

Damper pedal : Korg DS-2H, supplied

Pedal 1 : Footswitch (like Korg PS-1)

Pedal 2 : Volume/expression (like Korg XVP-10 or EXP-2) or footswitch (like Korg PS-1)

Demo : 36 × incorporated demos

Power supply : Internal switching adapter, AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption : 15 Watt

Dimensions (W x D x H) :

• SV-1-73 Black = 45.0 × 13.66 × 6.1 inch (1143 × 347 × 157 mm)

• SV-1-88 Black = 53.3 × 13.66 × 6.1 inch (1356 × 347 × 157 mm) excluding music stand

Weight :                                             

• SV-1-73 Black = 38.5 lbs. (17.5 kg) 

•  SV-1-88 Black = 45.3 lbs. (20.55 kg)

excluding music stand

Included accessories : Power cable, User Guide, Accessory Disk, music stand, damper pedal (Korg DS-2H)

Bonus software : SV-1 Editor (Windows / Mac)

Optional accessories :

• CB-SV1 Carrying Case, ST-SV1-BK Keyboard stand, XVP-10 volume/expression pedal,

• EXP-2 volume/expression pedal, PS-1 footswitch pedal


SV-1 Editor System Requirements

Windows :

Computer : A computer that satisfies the operating requirements of Windows 7/Vista/XP, and has a USB port


• Intel Pentium IV / 2 GHz, or more.

• Pentium D or more than Core Duo is recommended.

RAM : 1GB or larger

Operating system - 32 bit Version :

• Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later

• Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 or later,

• Microsoft Windows 7

64 bit Version :

• Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later

• Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 or later,

• Microsoft Windows 7


Macintosh :

Computer :

• “Intel or Power PC” Apple Macintosh computer that satisfies the operating requirements of

• Mac OS X and has a USB port


• Apple G4 1.4GHz, or more (Support to Intel Mac).

• Apple G5 or more than Core Duo is recommended.

RAM : 1GB or larger

Operating system : Mac OS X version 10.4.11, 10.5 or later

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