Kawai NS10 124cm Upright Piano Black

Kawai NS10 124cm Upright Piano Black

Korg D1 Digital Piano with RH3 keybed & 30 sounds

88-key Digital Piano/MIDI Controller with RH3 Weighted Hammer Action, 30 Sounds, and Onboard Effects - Stand not included
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Stand not included If you're a pianist on the go, Music Planet would like to introduce you to an 88-key weighted hammer-action digital piano that you can take from home to rehearsals to the stage with a minimum of fuss. The Korg D1 features Korg's high-quality RH3 keybed, which delivers a fine-tuned playing feel. And whether you play jazz, rock, or classical, you'll appreciate the D1's 30 richly expressive sounds, which have you covered for any gig or musical genre. Sampled at four different velocities, the hyper-realistic acoustic grand pianos work hand-in-hand with the D1's RH3 action to transmit every dynamic nuance of your playing, complete with damper resonance and key-off. The D1's vintage-inspired electric pianos are wonderfully responsive to your touch, as are the onboard organ, clavinet, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, and string sounds. The D1's outstanding portability is a big selling point. Weighing only 35.27 pounds, its sleek, compact, solid wood chassis lets you easily slide it into a gig bag and be on your way. The Korg D1: don't leave home without it.

High-quality onboard sounds and effects

Featuring a sound bank with 30 high-quality, expressive sounds arranged into three banks of 10, the Korg D1 digital piano's onboard sounds include five acoustic pianos, an electric grand, six meticulously modeled vintage electric pianos, harpsichord, two clavinets, marimba, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, three jazz organs, three pipe organs, three lush string patches, and three gorgeous choirs. To enhance and customize your sounds to taste, the D1 offers three effects — brilliance, reverb, and chorus.

Enjoy satisfying, realistic piano feel

Korg's D1 closely replicates the playing feel of a fine acoustic piano by switching between four samples according to your playing dynamics. From subtle nuances to robust crescendos, the D1 transmits all the expression in your playing — including the key-off and damper resonance that occurs when you hold down the sustain pedal of an acoustic piano. And speaking of sustain, the D1 supports half-damper pedaling with compatible pedals. It's this attention to sonic detail that makes the D1 so rewarding to play.

Realistic acoustic piano playing experience

The D1 features a Korg's superb weighted hammer-action 3 (RH3) keybed that reproduces the touch of a grand piano, in which the low notes feel heavier and the action becomes progressively lighter as you move up the keyboard. Another realism-enhancing feature of the D1's Concert Piano and Grand Piano sounds is damper resonance that simulates the spacious resonance produced by sympathetic string vibration when the damper pedal of an acoustic piano is held down. The D1 also features key-off simulation — the decay of the sound when you take your finger off a key. Key-off also factors into the way in which your playing technique affects the string resonance, naturally responding to staccato or legato to further enhance the expressiveness of your performances.


Smart functions enhance your playing experience

Korg equipped the D1 with convenient features that make it a pleasure to play. To play two sounds together — for instance, piano and strings — switch on Layer Mode intuitively by pressing two sound buttons simultaneously. The metronome can be turned on/off at a touch. Touch Control functionality lets you choose between five settings (light, standard, heavy, stable, or fixed) to specify how the sounds respond to your playing dynamics. To enhance and customize your sounds to taste, the D1 offers three studio-grade effects — brilliance, reverb, and chorus. The optimum effect for each sound is already specified as a preset, so you can simply select a sound and concentrate on playing it — confident it will sound great.


Ready to roll

The Korg D1 gives you the connectivity you'll need on stage. The 1/4" Line Out jacks can be connected directly to the PA or recording gear. With its compactness and light weight, D1 also makes an ideal run-and-gun MIDI controller keyboard for external gear and your software instruments; MIDI In/Out DIN connectors are provided for connection to sound modules or to your computer via a MIDI interface. The D1 ships with a detachable music rest and a compact damper pedal for easy portability.

Korg D1 88-key Digital Piano Features:

  • A compact digital piano/MIDI controller you can take anywhere
  • Japanese-built Korg RH3 weighted hammer-action keybed
  • 5 types of touch control
  • 30 high-quality onboard sounds (stereo PCM sound generation)
  • Studio-grade effects: Brilliance, Reverb, and Chorus (3 levels each)
  • Cutting-edge technology meticulously reproduces the resonances of a grand piano
  • Metronome: Tempo, Time signature, Accent, Sound, and Volume controls
  • 1/4" Line Out jacks, MIDI I/O DIN connectors also provided
  • Damper pedal jack (supports half-pedaling)
  • Music rest and compact damper pedal included
  • Included DC 9V AC adapter power supply
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