Korg AW2 Clip-On Chromatic Ukulele Tuner
Korg AW2 Clip-On Chromatic Ukulele Tuner Korg AW2 Clip-On Chromatic Ukulele Tuner

Korg AW2 Clip-On Chromatic Ukulele Tuner

The indispensible accessory for all players of Hawaiian music.

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Korg AW2 Clip-On Chromatic Ukulele Tuner

The AW-2 and AW-2G series of clip-on tuners have achieved enormous popularity for their unbeatable convenience, their high accuracy, extremely high visibility, and for the quality and value that musicians have come to expect from Korg. Now, this series is joined by the AW-2U, a dedicated version for the ukulele. The AW-2U ukulele tuner provides easy and accurate tuning for all types of ukuleles, from the popular four-stringed soprano ukulele to the eight-stringed baritone ukulele, in a convenient clip-on form. The AW-2U is a must-have item for everyone who loves Hawaiian music, from the beginner to the advanced ukulele player.

Ideal for every type of ukulele

First choose the ukulele size, either Standard or Baritone. Now select the number of strings – 4 string or 6-8 string. With these two settings, The AW-2U is ready to accurately tune all four sizes of ukulele (soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone) with any type of stringing, whether it's the standard four-string instrument, or a six- or eight-stringed ukulele. Combining the Standard and 6-8 String settings provides access to Low-G tuning, for enjoying solo performances over a wide range of pitches. With the display showing the string name and note name in large characters, the AW-2U is an ideal first tuner for the beginning ukulele player, as well as for the seasoned professional.

Easy tuning dexterity

Simply attach the AW-2U directly to the headstock of the ukulele and you're ready to tune. With no wasted motions, you'll be able to tune smoothly and accurately. This clip-type tuner is designed to work with ukulele heads over a range of thicknesses. One side of the clip has an interior pad whose angle is adjustable, ensuring a stable fit. The display is connected to the clip using a double ball joint that provides a broad range of movement – left, right, up or down – providing the maximum in freedom of adjustability. This way, the performer can adjust the display to the perfect angle, and continue to tune in a natural position.

Multi-mode backlight for superb visibility

Blazing sunlight, evening twilight, nighttime illumination – a performer can be asked to play under a variety of lighting situations. That's why Korg equipped the AW-2U with a backlit meter that can be set to one of three modes.

So regardless of your performing situation, you're ensured of reliable viewing and perfect tuning.

Solid tuner functions

Light-weight and ultra-compact the AW-2U provides a solid set of basic tuning functions. Unlike the built-in microphone, the internal piezo sensor picks up vibrations directly from the instrument, allowing you to tune even when there are other sounds around you. If desired, you can switch to tuning via the built-in mic; you can even attach the tuner to a mic stand. The AW-2U is powered by a widely available CR2032 lithium battery, giving you an amazing 150 hours of operation with the backlight turned off. Auto Power-Off and Memory Backup functions are also provided.


• Four modes support tuning every type of ukulele.

• String name and note name are automatically detected and clearly displayed.

• Clip size and shape is ideally suited for mounting on the ukulele's headstock.

• Double ball joint mount allows the display to be positioned for optimal viewing.

• Built-in backlight ensures excellent visibility even at night or in dim conditions.

• Two backlight modes: Soft mode for low-illumination; Auto mode for high brightness.

• Automatically switches to Soft mode to conserve batteries, when no sound is present.

• Select the internal mic, or a piezo sensor that detects the vibrations of the instrument.

• Auto Power Off prevents the battery from running down when the power is left on.

• Memory Backup function.


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