Joyo Jambuddy Mini amp

Joyo Jambuddy Mini amp

JOYO JamBuddy Practice Amp - Floor based dual channel amp simulator

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The JamBuddy is a floor based dual channel amp simulator that can be switched with your feet, perfect for practice at home or for jamming on the move.. A great feature is the JOYO jambuddy bluetooth feature, just connect your phone/tablet with bluetooth and play back your favourite backing tracks and songs..

A brand new JOYO buddy to jam with ! Get clean tone, add the gain, adjust the drive, tone and master volume. Listen via the two 4w speakers built in, or grab your headphones.. Add a little spacial effect with some great controls over the built in delay effect with time, feedback and mix level to adjust at your fingertips.

Power on mains, or on the move, it has got a rechargeable battery, a built in delay and it accepts pedals in front of it really well. Everything you need to practice at home or on the move..


? Amp power: 2x4W

? Speakers: 40mm (about 2”) x 2

? Guitar’s channel:CLEAN Channel, OD Channel (CLASS and HIGAIN mode can be switched by pedal)

? Battery life: 3 hours

? Bluetooth version: 4.0

? DELAY effect control knob: TIME/ MIX/ FEEDBACK

? Guitar’s effects control knobs:CLEAN GAIN/DRIVE GAIN/TONE/MASTER

? Control pedal: CHANNEL switching pedal/OD MOD switching pedal

? I nput and output: Guitar input/Headphone

? Built in battery:7.4V/2200mAh(lithium battery)

? AC adapter output voltage:DC 9V/3A

? Weight:680g

? Volume:156(Length)x 183(Width)x 75(Height)mm

? Package content:JAM BUDDY x 1 Power adapter x 1 Power cord x 1 User manual x1 


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