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Hohner Melodica Fire 32 Keys Black and Red

The melodica is a fascinating wind instrument, easy to learn and powerfully expressive. Played like a piano. It is so compact that you can take it with you anywhere.
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Hohner Melodica Student 32 Keys Keyboard Fire Red/ Black

A standard 32 key Melodica from Hohner, finished in a remarkable black and red. Simply attach a mouthpiece, (There are two supplied. standard and hosepipe) and blow. As you press the piano keys, your instantly recognisable Melodica comes to life! Comes with a hard plastic case for storage and transport. From Hohner... "Emotion and Expression - the two primal forces of music. A good music instrument leads you directly to them. The melodica is such an instrument - full of expressivity and incredibly easy to play. Its piano keyboard is one of the most widespread and easiest ways to articulate melodies and harmonies. Rhythm and dynamics are directly controlled by your breath, naturally ebbing and flowing right through you. Fire Melodica will provide the maximum range of emotion and expression. The frictionless keyboard and easy response make rapid phrases and complex rhythms second nature. With fresh designs and innovative colours, HOHNER, inventor of the Melodica, once again sets the standard for the Melodica of the future." The new design Hohner Fire Melodica 32, sound and response like the student 32, tone range f-c''', includes mouthpiece.

Hohner Melodica Student 32 Keys Keyboard Features :

• Range of over two and one half full octaves for soprano or alto.

• 32 keys starting with "F" below middle "C"

• Ideal for beginners as well as professionals

• Deluxe carrying case, mouthpiece and instructions included.

• Red body with black and red keys

• Blowing tube

• Ergonomic mouthpiece

• Weight : 580 g

• Length : 42 cm

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