Gretsch G5420TG Limited Edition Electromatic - Cadilla

Gretsch G5420TG Limited Edition Electromatic - Cadilla

Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Maple Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, 2 Humbucking Pickups, and Bigsby Vibrato - Cadillac Green
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The G5420TG Limited Edition Electromatic from Gretsch is yet another built-for-tone hollowbody from the company that has been bringing no-nonsense design and detailed appointments to their storied line of guitars for decades. Featuring a 5-ply maple body with a sleek gloss finish, the G5420TG is resonant and stage-ready. Its maple neck with rosewood fingerboard is responsive and playable — great for chords or leads. To deliver the tone, a pair of Black Top Filter’Tron humbuckers delivers classic humbucking goodness, while an Adjusto-matic bridge with a Bigsby B60 provides incredible sustain and tone support.

Bright and spanky Black Top humbucking pickups

Filter’Tron pickups are the stuff of legend. Considered the first humbuckers, they were designed by Chet Atkins’ friend Ray Butts as a way to combat the 60-cycle hum he would get when he turned up his volume. These pickups soon earned a solid reputation for keeping interference and noise at bay while accentuating the punch and twang that drove the music of then and now. With their robust character and trademark cut, the Gretsch Black Top Filter’Tron humbuckers keep you ready for everything from rockabilly and country to blues and classic rock.

Exceptionally flexible electronics

The Gretsch G5420TG Electromatic allows you to pull off a lot of tonal tricks. Volume controls for each pickup help you create a perfect balance between warmth, bite, and brilliance when both pickups are engaged. The master tone control lets you fine-tune your sound once you’ve got the pickups dialed in. And thanks to the master volume control, you can take your tube amp from clean to growling without changing the balance between your pickups. And of course, you’ll get sweet tone from the neck and bridge pickups individually.

Smooth vibrato action

Nothing beats the character and vintage vibe that the Adjusto-matic bridge and Bigsby B60 add to the G5420TG. Based on the original design created by Paul A. Bigsby, the Bigsby Licensed B60 tailpiece requires next to no effort to use, making it particularly easy to pull off slow, subtle, and extended bends. You’ll be able to bend into notes, give full chords vintage-sounding modulation, and imbue single notes with a character that isn’t attainable through other setups. Sweetwater guitarists agree: a vibrato like this is the sound of Gretsch.

Gretsch G5420TG Limited Edition Electromatic Hollowbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Single-cutaway hollowbody electric guitar brings vintage tone and vibe
  • Maple top, back, and sides add snap and definition to your sound
  • Black Top Filter’Tron humbucking pickups deliver exceptional punch and twang
  • Bigsby Licensed vibrato offers subtle pitch modulation
  • Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard is responsive and playable
  • Binding on fingerboard and soundholes adds class and distinction


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