Greg Bennett ST9 3/4 Size Spruce Top Acoustic Black

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Greg Bennett ST9 3/4 Size Spruce Top Acoustic Brown SB

Made by mega-maker Samick , this 39" steel-string offers everything an inexpensive small steel string guitar should have - sound, intonation, playability and durability AND low price.
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Samick Standard ST9-1 Guitar Brown Sunburst

A guitar should be visually inspiring, regardless of how much it costs.The GOLD RUSH series acoustics use professional body and headstock shapes, rather than compromised catalog shapes that are scaled back to save a few pennies. The mechanics, such as the neck and headstock angle, are treated the same as on our premium guitars.The difference is only in the simplicity, rather than the quality. Nato mahogany top, back and sides Single ply black binding Grover tuners 39" student model Folk styled small body

Samick Standard ST9-1 Guitar Features

Solid Top Acoustics

If you had to pick the most important part of an acoustic guitar, it would be the top. The top acts like a speaker cone in your stereo.When the string is plucked, energy is transferred to the top and the top starts to move. The movement of the top moves the air and we hear the music. A solid top is more flexible than a laminated top, making it more willing to resonate and move the air. The result is a louder, fuller sound with more attack, sustain, and projection. Solid spruce offers a tight, punchy low end response with great projection. Players who demand a powerful sound with tons of projection will hear the benefit of a solid spruce top. Solid cedar emphasizes the low mid response for warmth with great clarity and bright harmonics for definition. Players with a delicate or more intricate style will appreciate the cedar top.

Rounded Fingerboard and Abalone Type Rosette

The fingerboard ends in an arc that follows the soundhole for an incredibly clean look. The single band of abalone type material really dresses up the appearance.

Soft Corner Bridge

The rounded corners on our new acoustic bridge are visually consistent with the line, but there is a very nice physical advantage as well. The soft corners reduce the possibility of finish cracking that very often appears at the sharp corners of the typical bridge.

Fishman® Pickups and EQ System

Fishman® has done more to develop the quality of acoustic guitar amplification than any company in the business. Players who demand the ultimate in control, when playing live or in the studio, rely on Fishman® pickup systems.

Scalloped Braces

The technique of scalloping or shaving the braces can have a huge impact on the power and tone of an acoustic guitar. By shaving or reducing the thickness of the brace, it becomes more flexible and therefore lets the top move more freely and to a greater extent.When done properly, the brace maintains its structural integrity, while making the top more efficient. The result is faster attack, longer sustain, more bass, more power, and an overall improvement in the whole tone system. Players who demand tons of bass and power will want this feature.

Solid Body Acoustic

The term solid body acoustic sounds like a contradiction in terms. However, it is the only thing that really solves the acoustic feedback problem created at high volumes. By using a solid body rather than a traditional acoustic body, the energy from the speaker is not capable of making the guitar resonate and feedback out of control. The irony is that you are then able to make the sound as bassy or full as you like. It can actually sound more acoustic than a traditional acoustic guitar.

Samick Standard ST9-1 Guitar Specifications :

• Parlor body size, 13 1/4"

• lower bout width, 9 5/8"

• Upper bout width, 17 1/4"

• Body length from neck pocket to lower strap button, 3 11/16"

• Body depth, 1 11/16" nut width and tapers out to 2 3/16" at 12th fret,

• 23 1/2" scale length, weighs 3 pounds 12 ounces.

Materials :

• Bound laminate Mahogany top,

• Bound laminate Mahogany back,

• Laminate Mahogany sides,

• Set Mahogany neck,

• Rosewood fingerboard,

• 18 frets,

• Pearloid dot inlays,

• Abalone rosette,

• Ebony bridge,

• Plastic nut,

• Compensated plastic bridge,

• Brown Sunburst gloss finish.

• Hardware: Chrome Grover tuning keys.

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