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Ghs Bass Progressives Light 040-100

GHS Progressives bass strings produce (grade alloy filament) because of their very magnetic wrap a very strong signal and thus form a good basis for a more sustained, powerful tone.
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GHS L8000 Progressives Electric Bass Guitar Strings - Light Gauge

GHS Progressives are extremely bright and durable electric guitar strings. The magnetically active "Alloy 52" combined with a well-studied core-to-cover ratio provides a uniquely brilliant tone. Roundwound plain 3rd string.

Thoroughly researched core-to-cover ratios and a highly magnetic “Alloy 52" provide the player with 
a bright, long lasting string for all musical styles. The E string features a unique saddle-hugger design 
for extra brilliance.

Light Gauge :

• 1-G - PRB40

• 2-D - PRB60

• 3-A - PRB80

• 4-E - PRB100

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