GHS Double Ball End Bass Guitar Strings - Light Gauge

GHS Boomers 5-String Bass Guitar Strings (Hi C)

GHS Bass Double Ball End 5-String 40-126

GHS 5L DBB String Set for Electric Basses, 5string, Double Ball End, Roundwound stainless steel.
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GHS Bass Double Ball End 5-String 40-126

Featuring a Stainless Steel Roundowund wrap over a Stainless Steel core wire, these strings were designed to fit Steinberger basses and Steinberger-licensed instruments. This includes bass guitars such as Arbor, Burnside, Cort, Hohner, Lotus, Mach I and Status. 

The Stainless Steel Roundwound wrap gives the set ultimate brilliance and sustain!

5-String Double Ball End

Stainless Steel Roundwound

DBB40 DBB58 DBB80 DBB102 DBB126

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