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G7th Nashville Capo

The Nashville has a lighter, even quicker action than the original. It's super secure and provides rock-solid clamping. Sleek G7TH styling has become a favorite of musicians everywhere from Frisco to Bangor - and even Nashville!
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G7th Nashville Capo  

The Nashville Capo is for really fast changes on stage.

Easily applied and adjusted with one hand, its spring-loaded design is equally at home on acoustic or electric guitars, and can be conveniently ‘parked’ on the headstock when not in use.

Compared to other spring capos, the Nashville's unique pivot point – behind the guitar neck, rather than to the side – and softer spring make it much more comfortable to use, and help to eliminate tuning problems.

Available in silver, black or gold plated finish.

G7th Nashville Capo Features

• 6-string spring-operated capo

• Light and quick to use

• Secure string clamping

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