Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Baritone 6 string .016-.070

Ghs Silk & Bronze Medium Light 012-054

Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Baritone 8 string .012-.070

America's #1 acoustic guitar string, Elixir Strings, provide playability and long lasting tone that top artists worldwide depend upon! These Elixir Strings capture the sweet spot of that unique phosphor bronze tone.
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Elixir Nanoweb Coated Acoustic 8-string Baritone Guitar Strings 

Electro-Harmonix strings have a unique hexagonal core and winding pitch that provide more turns of wire around the core. The result: a fatter sound and sparkling highs in keeping with Electro-Harmonix's tradition of great tone.

Every time you play your guitar, tiny bits of you are left to invade the windings to contaminate your strings and kill your tone. Elixir Strings are the only strings that keep dirt out of the windings by coating the entire string. Our ultra-thin NANOWEB Coating provides a bright, lively tone that players tell us lasts longer than any other string, uncoated or coated. This means you buy fewer sets of strings, change them less often and trust your guitar is ready to go whenever you are.

8-String Baritone .016 .022 .030 .047 .059 .070 - - .014 .017

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