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Electro-Harmonix Micro Clone Theory Stereo Chorus Effe

Lush, warm and defined chorusing and vibrato.
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Electro Harmonix Stereo Clone Theory Analog Chorus/Vibrato

This recreation of the original 1970's Clone Theory is re-known for its very edgy chorus. Stereo outputs provide lush chorus and vibrato with a sparkling wash and liquid elegance.

The Stereo Clone Theory is a stereo version of the famous pedal of the same name by Electro Harmonix, only in a smaller, tougher box. The Clone Theory produces warm Chorus sounds as well as classic pitch altering Vibrato tones. A super slow and subtle chorus can add dimension and richness to your rig, and when used in Stereo Mode, your guitar will sound huge! The Vibrato mode disables the dry signal to allow for warped record sounds or ray gun effects! For a truly lush, spacious guitar sound, check out the Stereo Clone Theory. Knob Controls include Chorus/Vibrato mix, Rate, and Depth.

Quick Specs

• Stereo outputs

• Tough and compact die-cast chassis

• 9-volt battery included

• Optional 96DC-200BI power supply available?

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