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Electro Harmonix RTG Random Tone Generator

A faithful reissue of a rare EHX synthesizer first introduced in 1980. The palm-sized synth produces wild, randomly changing tones over a four-plus octave range. Creates sensational soundscapes, especially when used with other effects!
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Electro-Harmonix RTG Random Tone Generator Guitar Effects Pedal 

The Electro Harmonix RTG Random Tone Generator offers one pure, randomly generated tone out of 6 possible octaves, and then, at a steady rate, changes to another purely random tone, and then another, and another. Adjust the Rate control for the spacey, science fiction effect of 10 rapid fire computer tones per second, or slow it down to one new random tone every 5 seconds for some serious musical Ninja training with a challenging plunge into the creative unknown. Flip the glide switch and gaze in wonder as each note slides steadily up, or down, at random. Stack it with a delay, or reverb, or an auto wah, or whatever inspires your creative whimsy. The RTG is wired with a simple On/Off footswitch and a single ¼” jack for Output. It draws a scant 7 milliamps and can run on a 9vDC power supply or a battery. Have Fun!

Electro Harmonix RTG Features :

• Rate knob controls the speed at which the tones are generated : 0.1 - 5.0 Seconds

• Glide switch adds portamento or a glide between pitches

• On/Off Footswitch

• I/O is super simple with just a 1/4" output jack

• 7 mA Power Draw

• 4.375” (11.11 cm) x 2.5” (6.35 cm) x 1.75” (4.44 cm)

• Power is through a standard 9Volt power supply or 9Volt battery (included)


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