EBS Flat Patch Cable 18cm R/Ang Jack Chrome

EBS Flat Patch Cable 18cm R/Ang Jack Chrome

EBS Flat Patch Cable 18cm Right Angle Jack Chrome

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There's nothing more annoying than trying to squeeze all of your favourite pedals on to your board only to find your patch cables make it impossible.

EBS have you covered! The right angled jack sits flush against each other in between the pedals and take up absolutely no room at all, genius!

EBS Premium Chrome Flat Right Angle Jack Patch Cable - 10CM

The original flat patch cables from EBS are tailored to make possible to reduce space on your pedalboard, while maintaining the flexibility of using cables. The flat design also reduce the risk of cable jams, and keep your setup neat and clean. The latest update include a reinforced cable housing that improve durability.


  • Die Cast Welded Zink Contact Housing
  • Gold Plated Connectors and Housing
  • Flat Patch Cables
  • Copper Conductors
  • Super Compact Angled Contacts
  • Extremely Well Shielded
  • Very Low Resistance


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