Taye DHP-5 Dynatone Drum Head Pack 10-12-14 x 2 Coated

Aquarian Response 2 Coated 10,12,16

Taye DHP-6 Dynatone Drum Head Pack 10-12-14 2 Ply Clea

Dynaton drum heads are offered in a variety of preconfigured packs including all the drum heads neccessary to replace a complete set.
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Taye DHP- 6 Dynatone Drum Head Pack 2Ply

Clear Heavy 10", 12", 14"   : This type of material offers the brightest, most open tone for a drum head. Clear is equally suited for both batter and resonate use. They are available in 3 different weights to fit your playing style and sound.

Clear Heavy features two free floating .188m/m layers creating a very durable head, along with controlled tone.

Dynadot 14" : The DynaDot head was designed for the player who needs the full tonal range of a coated medium head, with the durability of a 2py head. Ranging from mid to full open tone depending on the part of the surface you play. The closer to the edge you play the fuller the tone and the closer to the center you play, the more controlled the tone. Perfect for the heavier hitter who wants more sound.

Contents : 10", 12", 14"  Clear Heavy, 14" Dynadot

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