Taye ACS-PK009 Accessory Clamp (AC20, BA55)

Taye ACS-PK011 Accessory Clamp (AC50, AH100R, ACS6DM)

Taye ACS-PK010 Accessory Clamp (ACS6C5M, AH100R)

ACS is designed to easily position what you need, where you need it, while saving weight, time and valuable space.
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TAYE ACS-PK010 Accessory Clamp ACS6C5M AH100R

The ACS Accessory Clamp System features a variety of expandable multi-clamps and cymbal arms, allowing for a myriad of set-up possibilities. 

Complete Setup

This ACS pack consists of two components: an ACS-6C5M and an AH100R. It can be used mount an auxilary hi-hat off of any 10.5 or 9.5mm knurled rod. The ACS-6C5M extends from 9" to 12". 

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