Danelectro was the first to introduce the Baritone guitar in the late 50's

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The Baritone is tuned a fourth lower than a standard guitar. 
The open strings are B-E-A-D-F#-B. The Baritone lets you play "tic-tac" bass or chords. 
This lower tuning can also be used to play many songs from bands that use lower tunings. 
However, there's no general concensus on how a baritone should be tuned.

On the low end, the tuning can be A-D-G-C-E-A five notes below the guitar.
Most afficionados of the baritone tune it to B E A D F# B. Other tunings exist too, 
notably C#-F#-B-E-G#-C# (a tone and a half below standard), which can 
also be achieved on a standard-scale guitar with heavier gauge strings. 
This tuning condemns the baritone player to play in 3 more flats, 
or 3 less sharps than the other guitars in the ensemble, something which 
sends shivers down the spine of most novice and intermediate players.

The low notes resonate in your chest and you'll groove on playing open chords and single note lines near the metal nut. 
When you plug this instrument into an amp you really see what a tone-chameleon it is. 
Just by altering the picking position you can get a wide variety of tone. 
You can go from clacky bass at the bridge or add some warmth by moving towards the front pickup. 
This is true with all guitars of course, but with the baritone it's even more pronounced. 
When you add in the pickup and tone control variations you really get a great tonal palette.


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