Danelectro 59M NOS Outa Sight White

Danelectro '59M NOS+ Electric Guitar - Red

Danelectro took the flagship model, the 59M, with the tunable die cast bridge, and installed these 15-year-old beauties ... and.... voila. The best sounding, best playing Dano ever!
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Retaining the character of their classic guitars, the Danelectro '59M NOS+ electric guitar offers a wonderful sonic alternative to your other guitars. It boasts everything players love about the Danelectro '59, including the distinctive shorthorn shape, a fully adjustable wraparound bridge, and stacked tone/volume controls. And with a pair of NOS+ lipstick pickups, you've got the character of the original NOS pickups but with brighter highs, punchier mids, and more powerful lows. If you're looking for an electric guitar with a distinctive single-coil voice that pairs beautifully with overdrive, check out the Danelectro '59M NOS+ guitar.

NOS+ lipstick pickups for definitive Danelectro tone

Based on the sonic character of their original NOS single-coil pickups, the NOS+ pickups in this '59M NOS+ guitar have been optimized for hotter output and livelier tone overall — punchier lows and mids, and highs with more clarity and bite. They sound particularly amazing for bluesy slide work and pair beautifully with an overdriven tube amplifier.


  • Semi-hollowbody electric guitar with vintage character and modern reliability
  • A look that's true to vintage Danelectro classics
  • NOS+ lipstick pickups deliver classic NOS tone with heavier lows, punchier mids, and brighter highs
  • Dual-action truss rod is ready to keep the neck straight for a lifetime
  • Intonation-adjustable wraparound tailpiece
  • Clear tone from an aluminum string nut
  • Stacked tone and volume knobs
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