Dandrea Dal2 Lemon Oil (Each)

D Andrea Cable Ties 6pc Packet

Dandrea Das2 String Cleaner (Each)

D'Andrea String Cleaner removes all sorts of grime and, and acts as a lube, too! String friction is reduced, which makes a guitar easier to play.
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Dandrea DAS2 String Cleaner

The D'andrea STRING CLEANER & LUBRICANT 2OZ Prolongs string life & brightens sound. Help those strings to sing.

The D'andrea STRING CLEANER & LUBRICANT 2OZ is a cleaner and Silicone lubricant that reduces friction. The specially formulated liquid cleans your strings and improves their perfomance and longevity. An ideal accessory for all guitars. 


• String Cleaner & Lubricant 

• Ideal for cleaning the strings allowing a longer life and a brighter sound 

• Bottle of 59

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